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Volume Two Issue Three April - August 1999

 Dear Tom and Alexis,
Wow I just read your letter about your visit to the hospital. What an awful way to be treated. I to was once made to feel like this. I was in a car accident I was hurt badly and had to be taken out in a stretcher. Well, when they saw the size of me 350lbs. They said "mame its going to take us a while
we have to call for back up" Well of course it took forever..and about 12 guys later I was out and in the ambulance. So on the way to the hospital they
call in your vitals and all that stuff. The guy says to the hospital make sure you have plenty of help. So when we (my fiance and I) arrived at the hospital they were waiting for me and this one guy asked me how much I weigh
and I've been known to have a mouth on me so I asked him how big his d--- was needless to say he was left speechless. Thanks for your time. I'm glad I found bigger and better. Let me know if there is anything I can do in my state.....
Donna T


This event will take place Febuary 11th-13th 2000. The location is Kissimmee Florida. This will be a three day event. Lots of fun is planned. Prizes for the contestants. If you'd like to be a contestant or just want to volunteer your help on this project email me. For more Pageant info Click Here


Too Fat to Be A Doctor?

Since I was a young child, I have always known what I wanted to be in life -- a doctor. I used to save my baby sitting money to buy the pretend drugs -- lemon heads and red hots. Of course, my pretend patients never got any of this candied medicine, but they were healed in theory.

Just as I have always known I was to be a doctor, I have always known I have a problem with food. I was always the last one at the table, or the one who stood around the pot until the last scrap of food was gone. This obsession with the dinner plate made for a blood lust that would follow me into adulthood.

When I was 24 years old, I found out that in addition to being a compulsive overeater, I also had a metabolic disorder known as hypothyroidism. Combined, these two facts of my life prove to be deadly. Although I remained relatively slim during my teen years, my weight exploded after the birth of my second child. By the time I was 24 years old, I had gained 100 pounds — making me weigh 230 pounds. Surprisingly, the weight gain did not pose very much of a problem. Of course I wanted to lose weight, but I had a family who loved me, a man that adored me, and a strong sense of self worth.

My main problem surrounding my weight started when I became an undergraduate student (1985) at Wayne State U. By this time, I was 25, a single parent of two, and 250 pounds. Almost immediately, I began to have issues with the staff around my weight. Some of the problems were being sexually assaulted by a doctor who, "Liked Fat Chicks." Another typical problem was with my counselors. They refused to enter my application to compete for two degrees. They would look at my stomach and say they did not think competing for the two degrees was something I could do. Another typical problem was subjective grading -- I was usually marked down for my work and often had to appeal my grade. Though I usually won, the stress was nerve numbing. One example of this is a biology lab where the students had to write lab reports. On two of my reports the lab instructor outright asked me if I cheated. He then took the papers to his supervisor to check them against scab lab reports. I got 80% on both of those papers, but years later I returned to the Biology Building to find my papers being displayed as examples of how to correctly write a lab report. When I took the class three other student received 100% on their reports, yet their papers were not used as "how to guides."

All of this made for the wearing and tearing of my self esteem, but I was willing to continue on with the hope of one day becoming a doctor. I applied for and was accepted into WSU's Medical School by 1992. By this time I was on even footing with the rest of my classmates because unlike in undergraduate classes I had made up the deficit of being a tenth grade high school drop out. As well, my kids were no longer babies that I had to spend a lot of time raising.

In any case, I was not as well prepared as I thought. My weight had ballooned up to 330 pounds, and I had just spent 30 days in an eating disorder’s center in Florida (The Willow of Naples). My therapist at the center convinced me to share my weight history and needs with the Medical School. I reluctantly complied, and on the first day of class gave my med-school counselor the papers the Willow had given me in support of my condition.

Right away I knew I had made a mistake. I needed a place to put my lunch so that I could remain on my food plan. The University allowed me to use their icebox, but when I came in to use it the whole office would stop and start discussing "my fat problems." I was the butt of many jokes amongst the secretaries. I even made the mistake of telling my counselor the seats in the lecture hall were a little snug. She laughed at me under her breath, and after that I did not trust her anymore.

Later that same year, I found out that financial aide earmarked for me was given to another student. With no money, I could not buy books, supplies, or etc. To make up for this, I spent a lot of time at the library. This gave my then teen-aged sons a license to party at home. Since I was spending 12 to 16 hours at school, my kids got out of control. Since I had no one else to turn to, I went back to my counselor and told her of the problems I was having. She advised me to drop out of the program -- stating it was hard for women to make the cut in medical school -- all the while she was staring at my stomach.

I later took a leave of absence from the medical school, but returned the next year. But the problems did not get any better. Again, I suffer from hypothyroidism. And even though my blood metabolic levels were okay, the goiter in my neck had started to grow -- my body grew with it. I regained the weight I had lost plus extra. I now weighed almost 340 pounds. This made fitting into the lecture hall seats impossible. Because of the insensitivity I experienced before with my counselor and the other staff, I decided to face the problem on my own. I would go to lectures from 9 - 4:00 and try to remember what was said at the end of the day. You see, the design of the lecture hall seats was a flat surface (the desk portion) had to be folded over the lap to be used as a writing surface. I could not do this so I could not take notes like the other students. My grades suffered from this and I failed three out of eight subjects. I was placed on academic probation.

In the summer, I retook the makeup exams for all three courses, but only passed one. The University allowed me to retake the other two classes the following year. It was then (1995) that my Overeater Anonymous friends convinced me to give the University another chance to help get me thru the program. By then, I had refused to work with my first counselor and was given another one. I therefore thought that maybe this time it would be different. But it was not.

I told him that I could not fit into the seats in the lecture hall. He responded by saying he could get me a conference room to take my test. However, 20 hours before the next exam, he left a note in my mail box stating the University was going to bring a large table and chair into the lecture hall and place me on the stage. When I read the note, I was so hurt that I just sat in the school's cafeteria and cried.

However, I tried to make the best of it -- keeping my eyes on my goal to be a doctor. But, I was not prepared for the horror that awaited me. During the exam, I was seated in the book bag section. This is the place where students leave their books, coats, and lunches because these items could not be taken into the testing area. Since I was seated in this section, they threw their coats, books, and lunches at me or in my direction. Can you imagine what is like to be a 340-pound woman and have people throw food at you? I did not have to imagine because it actually happened to me. I was so hurt, embarrassed, and humiliated that I could not hide my tears from the 500 eyes staring at me. What is worst many of the owners of those eyes thought the situation was funny and made jokes.

Itook 10 - 15 tests in this manner, then I found out the University had given several other students with "disabilities" their own testing rooms from the beginning of classes. I was OUTRAGED!!!! I demanded that I be given the same. The University reluctantly complied and gave me a printout of the rooms where I was to be tested. However, all the room numbers were wrong. Because of this for each test, I had to search around the University looking for someone to give me my exam. I often lost valuable test time while I looked for this person, however, none of the time I spent was returned to me. Therefore, I made up the time by rushing thru the exams. It is interesting to note that I asked for the correct room numbers several times, but none were never given.

It is also interesting to note that while the University provided me another seating arrangement for the test taking, they never gave me anything for attending lectures. The Dean told me weight lost was under my control so I should lose weight. Since I had no seat in the lecture hall, I had to teach medicine to myself -- It is not possible to teach medicine to yourself, but I tried. I passed five of the eight classes offered. No one could have tried harder. But on June 18, 1996 I could take no more. I decided to leave while I had a teaspoon of dignity left. Many indignities were visited upon my person, but this is enough to make you understand the hostile situation I endured.

On the other hand, the University's position is they helped me the best that they could. They site that I was a difficult student who did not take advantage of their support staff. They also point to the many excused absences that I had (I would often make up excuses to get more study time). Lastly, they say I was depressed, my children were out of control, and my health was bad. They say these are the things that made me a poor student. The University also takes the position that they helped other disabled students because unlike me they actually required extra help.

It has been nearly three years since I left Medical School. For most of that time, I have been in a major depression so bleak that I could hardly open my mouth to speak. But the time has come when I am ready to fight back! I have obtained a lawyer who thinks what Wayne State did to me is unjust. Together we hope to bring about changes in the laws that govern how fat students are treated within academia. With the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act (ELCRA) already being in place, it will not be too hard to win a verdict for the University’s failure to provide me seating during the lectures.

However, the ELCRA, the Handicappers Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act dictate that Wayne’s liability ended when they gave me a table and chair in the lecture hall to take the test. No State law protects the student’s retention of humanity during the testing. The Courts needs to understand that putting a fat person in the position where food can be hurled at them is degrading and dehumanizing. This over site needs to be addressed. To do this, I require access to professionals that specialize in conditions during testing. [What else would I need to accomplish this?

To respond to this Person email to


A young woman answered my ad that I had running in a local cheapie paper here in town to attract BBW & FA for our Parties. I made an appointment to take her pictures and interview her for this newsletter since she was supersize and recently appeared on Ricki Lake. She said she had no transportation I offerred to have my husband pick her up.

The day of the interview arrived. He left early to get her as to be on time. Tom felt a little awkward not knowing anything about her and having to pull up at her house and speed off with her. As it turned out, she had misunderstood our ad and thought it was for a job. However, I never like to think of a situation as a waste of time. I have learned over the years that people are put into your path for a reason. I started to speak to her a bit as she relaxed and sipped a soft drink along with her sister who had come along for the ride. Both of them seemed enthralled by what I was telling them about size Acceptance. I could feel her deperate need to feel accepted. So as Tom & I are never at a loss for words we slowly began a two hour talk and interview with her trying to guide her in life and to finding out who she is and what will fulfill her.

Right now she says her favorite quote is "Just because we are big we are people and we need love to".

She is 30 years old & has two children 12 & 8 . In the last 30 years she has suffered quite a bit of mental & verbal abuse. Right now she is disabled but Sheilas' goals are right there in front of her waiting to be attained. One day soon Sheila pictures herself in a courtoom. No not as a plaintiff or defendent but as an Attorney.

Her room is constantly filled with the sounds of Aretha Franklin , Toni Braxton & Mariah Carey. One of the songs she relates to most is Mariah Carey's Breakdown. It makes her eyes fill with tears. This was evident cause as she spoke some of the lyrics I watched her eyes water. I could hear Mariah Carey's honey glazed voice singing the words below as sheila spoke them.

" So what do you do when somebody so devoted to you
Suddenly just stops loving you and it seems they haven't got a clue
Of the pain that rejection is putting you through
Do you cling to your pride and sing "I will survive"
Do you lash out and say how dare you leave this way
Do you hold on in vain as they as they just slip away"

This is what Sheila has been feeling as of late. After years of putting up with an abusive man and allowing him to degrade her she has decided to stand up and just say NO to him. The day I met her he was just preparing to get out of Jail. She was convinced she could stand her ground, get her life on track and not allow him to come back.

In the time he has been locked away ironically the real Sheila finally has been released from her own prison. Shelia says " Its so easy to fall into this trap. It becomes a routine.

For many years Sheila feels she has allowed herself to be abused. After she was raped 3 times the guilt she felt was monumental. It was so hard to get past it and most of the time she wallowed in it. She ate because of the guilt. One of the people that raped her was her uncle. This was something she had kept to herself just to cry over while she consumed her mounds of junk food. Now having approached 500 lbs she realized that it was time to stop punishing herself for the misguided sins of others. She was trapped in a perpetual circle. She was hurting so she ate but yet her eating caused her more pain.

For all of the sorrow that has seemed to overwhelm her much of the time I found Sheila to be a well rounded strong individual. She had a lot of class to her and she took that extra effort to make herself look well put together despite the depression that consumed her about her life and her size. Her nails were done very nicely as you can see above. It was just extremely hard for her to fathom accepting herself . By the time Tom & I had finished talking with both her and her sister she seemed to be in a much more positive frame of mind.

While Sheila visited with her I was able to give her an armful of resources so that she could start to point herself in the direction of her dream goal. I lined her up with information that will help her attain her GED. That will go a long way to making Sheila feel independent and more assured of herself. Right now Sheila is living with her mother. In her present mental state she found herself unable to deal with the pressures of taking care of her kids. For right now her mother and father are helping her to raise them. Sheilas not certain if she will ever get to the point where she feels the nuturing feel of motherhood. Therefore she did the mature thing and allowed someone else to step in. She does help pay for their care though.

For the immediate future , after completing her GED she plans on starting college. Her new motto is "Its better late then never"! You can write to sheila through us at Bigger And Better.


By Alexis Adams - Gleaton

Its' funny but I turned 42 about a month ago and the best present I received was one I gave to myself. It was called Acceptance. For once I am more at peace with my body that I've ever been. It's been a uphill fight, and it's not over--I still have major periods of depression & doubt and of course self-reproach every now and then--but mostly I like who I am. I may not totally be ok with the size I have become or the limits I have imposed on my body. Certainly though I refuse to passively accept the fat jokes, the lack of public accommodations and products and services that meet my needs, the misinformation, the discrimination that fat people face every day. I must be an activist by nature, because it only feels right for me stand up against injustice and ignorance, and to work towards empowering others to stand up for themselves, too.

One of my favorite quotes on Fat is from a Comedian that I am very fond of. His name is George Carlin.

From Brain Droppings by George Carlin (Hyperion, 1997)

"Let's get to some of these other non-victims. You probably noticed, elsewhere I used the word fat. I used that word because that's what fat people are. They're fat. They're not large; they're not stout, chunky, hefty, or plump. And they're not big-boned. Dinosaurs are big-boned. These people are not necessarily obese, either. Obese is a medical term. And they're not overweight. Overweight implies there is some correct weight. There is no correct weight. Heavy is also a misleading term. An aircraft carrier is heavy; it's not fat. Only people are fat, and that's what fat people are. They're fat. I offer no apologies for this. It is not intended as a criticism or insult. It is simply descriptive language. I don't like euphemisms. Euphemisms are a form of lying. Fat people are not gravitationally disadvantaged.They're fat. I prefer seeing things the way they are, not the way some people wish they were..."

I get the opportunity to work with many BBW on a daily basis. Even if I don't get the chance to work with them I am very happy just to get the chance to pass along information on size acceptance. Thats how we get our word out one person at a time. One day at a time.Because even if they forget it the moment they walk out the door there is still a chance that one day under the right circumstances they might have the chance to instill it upon someone else. Not to mention it gives them another layer or esteem to take out into this cruel world.


By Thomas Gleaton

This is the letter below that Tom received from Lane Bryant. Below is his response.

 Your friend, wants you to help change the face of Hollywood! The majority of American women wear a size 12 or larger. We want to see that reality reflected on television and in film. Lane Bryant is challenging Hollywood to hire more plus-size, real women in the media!

Help us change Hollywood by adding your name to our petition.
Go to to let Hollywood hear your voice!

Plus... see real beautiful bodies on the runway at our LIVE Fashion Show on the Web!
The show airs on Tuesday, June 29th at 7pm (EDT).

Go to http://webevents.broadcastcom/lanebryant/fashionshow99/ to register .

I am not convinced that this letter will get past a proxy somewhere to
extract my address for potential "list mail" but I will give this a shot.

First let me say that I am a *male* who is considered by one social group
to be a "f.a." or "fat admirer". I do not merely "accept" or "look beyond" the
size of a woman, but instead I celebrate it's beauty and individuality. I
sought out a big woman as a life companion, and I am totally physically
attracted to the larger woman. I am of "average" height and weight myself,
(5'11" at 180lbs) but I am really attracted to women considered to be
"super-size". The size acceptance movement calls women super-size who,
ironically, are too large to fit into sizes carried in *Lane Bryant* and other
plus size clothing outlets. That size used to be a 32, and I'm not sure if that
trend has changed, but it's the clothing institution that has created this "standard"
among women who are not just "plus", but *large*. My physical preference
in a woman is super-size, and because of this I have always looked upon
Lane Bryant's use of smaller models as an insult. As a male, and a f.a. on top
of that, my opinion has never been taken seriously by the marketing wizards
of Lane Bryant and other such companies. I have heard over and over though
from plus size women and models that they, like me, find objection in the
way that L.B. would think it was "unattractive" or "bad marketing" to use
larger models to display clothing made *for them*. It gave me, a guy watching
the commercials and filtering out the "junk mail catalogs" from L.B. the impression
that larger women were good enough to spend their money, but were not sexy
enough to display in a classy, intelligent, sexy, and sensual manner in the
catalogs. While I knew my complaints of this would go unheeded, I found it
incredible that even when larger models were suggested by women themselves,
those suggestions were shrugged off. One woman I know said that they claimed
the "number of sales" did not "raise dramatically" when larger models were
used for a short time so they stopped. Even in one marketing slogan that was
used by L.B., "The Woman Within", I saw how they were refusing to acknowledge
that larger women were *sexy* *and* *beautiful* in the same breath. I applaud
the fact that L.B. is waking up to what the people want. Finally when it seems
to prove to put them at some advantage L.B. is not only using a larger spokeswoman in advertising (Camryn) but also such daring comments as "big and sexy" are
actually being used to raise the spirit of the customers that are spending hard
earned money. I'm glad to see that L.B. is going to be another force finally
*helping* the size acceptance movement, instead of purpetuating the notion that
they will make clothes for plus women, but those women are still not sexy enough
to sell the clothing in a magazine. I raise my hands and give a big "amen" to
whoever was in charge that finally realized that size acceptance has to be
given a place in our modern politically correct society. L.B. and other plus
sized clothing distributors should be *shouting out* the message that big
is beautiful, because there are so few forces right now in the media to counter
the messages put out by diet and drug companies. Our "think thin" society
has produced a growing number of bulemics, aneorexics, and weight loss
surgery casualties. There *has* to be some force in the media that counters
such serious negative, and potentially fatal messages. I hope that this is
not "this year's trend" in L.B.'s marketing strategy, and I hope to see even
more, and even larger women chosen to represent L.B., to show that L.B.
is not ashamed or embarassed of their own clients, but instead chooses
to celebrate their enhanced sensuality, and their flowing voluptuous beauty.
From one big critic of some of your moves in the past, I have to give my
"f.a. stamp of approval" to your latest marketing move. I hope that your
decision will give others the courage and insight to make similar changes,
and maybe one day instead of me being called a "f.a.", I'll just be a guy
with a preference for an "extra special" lady..


I study your face
No smile
Never a smile
So sullen
What're you thinking?
What're you seeing?
Never a smile,
But when you do smile
I smile
I dont know why
I've never said a word to you
I never will
When you laugh
I laugh

I'm a face in the crowd So why is it common
That wears a disguise To walk through a crowd
Of a mouth and a nose Where no one examines
Along with two eyes This face I'm endowed
It's not just a face A radiant smile
I've decided to wear With eyes gleaming bright
It identifies me Are clearly unnoticed
So that's why it's there Like white upon white
Universal in style I'm sure that no others
Not one to deplore Upon them devise
It has an appearance More than a nose
That most will ignore A mouth and two eyes
With a mouth so equipped So why is it then
Two lips there about My face is not seen
And just as it should Walking throughout
A nose does jut out In, among and between
Above settled in If just for an instant
Two eyes are exposed A glance would take place
Not different for sure Observing the moment
Is my face so composed Would be so elated a face


Sour Cream Noodle Bake

4 cup med egg noodles
1 lb. ground beef
1 Tlb. butter
8 oz. can tomato sauce
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp.garlic salt
1/8 tsp. pepper
2 cup sour cream
1 cup thinly-sliced green onions
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Cook noodles as directed on pkg. Drain. Brown beef in butter, stir in tomato sauce, salt , garlic salt and pepper. Simmer, uncovered, 5 min.
Mix together sour cream, onions and noodles. In buttered 2 quart casserole alternate layers of noodle and meat mixtures, beginning with noodles and ending with meat. Sprinkle with cheese. Bake in 350* oven for 20 - 25 min, or until cheese is lightly browned. Serves 6

Pasta Fra Diavolo
1 lb of penne pasta
1 jar of julienned cut sundried tomatoes in oil
3/4 cup of green olives with pimentos
3/4 cup of black olives
3 or 4 pepperonicini peppers sliced
4 cloves of garlic chopped
Put water on for pasta. While pasta is cooking, combine rest of ingredients in frying pan, simmer on low to get heated. When pasta is done, drain and then combine rest of ingredients with pasta. Tastes good both as a hot or cold dish.
Pizza D
8oz Sour Cream
8oz Philidelphia Cream Cheese
1/8 teaspoon Garlic Powder
1/2 Tablespoon Oregano
8oz Cheese Shredded
Pizza Sauce
Pizza topping to liking (pepporoni, sausage, etc)
Mix Sour Cream, Philidelphia Cream Cheese, Garlic Powder, and Oregano. Pour into
bottom of cake pan. Pour pizza sauce on top of mixture. Then add topping to liking (Except Cheese). Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Top with chees and bake another
5 minutes. Serve with chips

Challenges and Joys of a BBW Goddess
By: Michelle aka Divine Ms. M

I am sitting here today not sure how I got myself into this predicament. I have to write this article and I am not sure that what I have to say is worth reading but here goes.
I guess I should start with a little background. I am 30 years old. I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana...yes the party town...Mardi Gras, Gumbo, Jambalaya, Beignets, Muffulettas, and Pat O' Briens.
I have lived what I consider a pretty normal life by today's standards...a father, a mother, an over protective older get the picture. The only difference in my life is that I grew up "FAT." Sounds kinda like a dirty word doesn't it? Well, for years I thought it was.
All thru childhood, adolescence, teenage years and even now as an adult I have been overweight. At 10 years old I had to shop in the Pretty Plus section at Sears where the selection of clothing was more suited for a granny rather than a budding pubescent young girl trying to fit in with all of her waif-like, flat chested friends.
At 13, I discovered boys however, I was not really what the boys considered dateable material. You see I was just too fat. This realization was thrust upon me by a young man that I was enamored of at the time. He made a rude comment about how the backs of my knees had all this extra fat, so much so that they were starting to hang down a bit. Of course his discovery was made right in front of several other boys and their slim, trim girlfriends on the playground at recess. My abundance of flesh did bring with it an added bonus that the other girls did not as of yet possess...breasts and hips. So even though I was not considered dateable material, I was however good enough for them to cop a quick which I was totally appalled.
As the lonely years passed, my body developed and grew in size. When I reached my senior year in high school I tipped the scale at 225 lbs. Totally ostracized by the outside world, I hid my self. The school library was my sanctuary to which I only left when it was absolutely necessary...classes, lunch, and the occasional bathroom visit. Prom time rolled around and of course I did not have a date. I had decided that I did not want to miss this milestone in my life, so two weeks before the prom I set out to get myself a date. All the great guys were taken and they would never look twice at me but to laugh and snicker. I settled on a guy named Lenny. He was a friend of my cousin Roger. He was 6'10", lanky, and skinny as a rail...and he was only 15 years old, but hey I was desperate. Prom night came and went along with graduation...both events requiring tailor made dresses to accommodate my size.
I had my first real boyfriend at the age of 20. He was 27 years old and very cute. I thought wow I have finally arrived...I got a boyfriend. This euphoria only lasted a few weeks. We only went on 2 dates outside of my home and both of those were in a dark theater where we could not be seen. At the time I never really questioned why he never took me see I did not want to rock the boat. I would cook dinner about 4 nights a week and he would rent a few movies and sit at my house till 1 in the morning and then go home. I found out later that he was dating me because I fit the image of the perfect subservant wife. You know the type does the cooking, the cleaning, sits at home while he goes out with his pals. When it came to physical attraction there was none on his part...but oh god did I try. No matter what I did nothing worked. After 3 months of this I found out that he had been seeing 2 other women...both blonde and thin. I was heartbroken. I did not date again for 8 years.
During this time my body grew to 398 lbs. I of course became an online junkie with the rest of the world...this aside from food was my only outlet. I had a lovely profile that got a lot of attention...blonde hair, blue eyes, 138 lb frame...all the things that I was not but so desperately wanted to be. I lived this lie for about 6 months, meeting guys and then refusing to answer when they asked for a picture of me. It was an empty existence.
Roger, the same cousin from before, introduced me to the term BBW. I decided after much coercing to terminate my THIN account and open myself up to the BBW world. All I can say is WOW!!! At first I was totally blown away by the response I got to my new profile...single, red hair, green eyes, 5'3", BBW. I had new mail with each passing day. All admirers wanting to get to know...ME...the real me. I got a few pictures scanned and started to meet FA'a online still wary of people who found fat attractive. That's when I met my first FA boyfriend. That relationship was the catalyst for the person I am today. During this time I found out that FAT was not a four letter word, BIG is BEAUTIFUL and that I AM BEAUTIFUL. All things that I had never known before. I met several BBW who have now become my mentors...big, beautiful, confident, sexy, successful women who live and love in a BIG way.
That was two years ago. Today I hold my head high and proud. At 453 lbs I am something to see. A super sexy, confident, sensual BBW that has finally come into her own. I have a web page with dozens of photos of me...the numbers grow on a monthly basis. You see I have become a total ham in front of the camera. No longer do I hide myself away...shunning the very thought of having my photograph taken. I now smile real big and just put it out there for the world to see. I get letters from men and women alike who say that I inspire them and give them hope. To me that is so far from where I have come...that awkward little girl with her arms folded across her chest, head hung low rushing to get thru another day in a fat body that no one this vibrant beautiful woman, head held high, saying to the world here I am...Come and Experience the Divine!
I reside now in Tampa, Florida with Paul, the man that I have dreamt my whole life about. We met here online in February of '98. He is a wonderful loving man that has taken me to new heights, to places I could only imagine in my dreams. All my dreams are finally coming true.
In closing I would like to give a word out to all my sisters who are out there struggling to find your own find out where you fit in. Don't give up. There is beauty in each of us and we are all deserving of that chance to shine. Don't ever let yourself be hidden away in a corner or placed far up on a shelf where you can't be seen...grab your chance and come out shining like a star.

That's all for now,

Come visit me at my home on the web and Experience the Divine!
DvneMsMbbw's Home Page


This event will take place Febuary 11th-13th 2000. The location is Kissimmee Florida. This will be a three day event. Lots of fun is planned. Prizes for the contestants. If you'd like to be a contestant or just want to volunteer your help on this project email me. For more Pageant info Click Here


August 28th, 1999

Lots of Fun is Planned!!

Starts at 8 P.M. Till ?????


This will be the First Sign Up for the Pageant & Bash

Bikini Modeling we even have Michelle aka Divine Ms. M as a model that evening.

Click for a preview

This Party will also have Beach Bubbles Bathing Suits Available for any contestants wanting to be fit for a suit

We WIll be Discussing Plans For the Hotel Dance in October

We will be Accepting Participants for the Excercise Video at this Event Also. This will be actually produced at a later event but the Instructor ( A BBW of Course) will be available to talk with about it.

If this one goes well Belly Dancing classes are planned with a Great BBW Instructor as well!!!

8 PM

Sept 25 th

October 30th


Our First Outside Event



Febuary 11-13th 2000

MS BABE Bash & Pageant



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