A true FA will never put down or degrade a bbw/ssbbw and will always be supportive of her wishes even if
it involves losing weight.

A true FA will always treat his lady right and with respect whether in public or not
and always be proud to be by her side.

A true FA will love his lady whether she gains, loses, or stays the
same and not pressure her to change.

A true FA will love his lady for the person she is and not her body

A true FA will do and say things to help with her self esteem and show her she is special. A true FA
will treat an SSBBW like a person and not an object.

A true FA doesn't go to BBW events to get laid.

"I've tried my best to live by those rules and I hope that someday I will meet my special someone.
I've been an FA since High School and never been in the closet about it. I was made fun of in school for
always dating the big girls but I didn't let it bother me because I was dated them because it was my
preference and I wasn't trying to impress peers. I never tried to hide my preference and have been
ridiculed by my folks and friends but it doesn't bother me. I've seen the stares (and sometimes heard the
nasty things said) that people give when I have been in public with a special lady. Being an FA can be hard
(not that it can't be hard being an SSBWW also). I've been blown off many times because some
SSBBW's must think all I want is sex or I wouldn't be trying to talk to them. I've been made fun off. I've had
relationships that have ended because of unsurmountable esteem problems or other relationship fatal
baggage caused by bad experiences in the ladies past. But I haven't given up and won't. "

This true FA's name is Dave. He resides in Virginia since 1994 along with a very spoiled cat. By trade he is a very talented computer Engineer. His interests include music (one might consider him a rabid audiophile), movies, antiques, classic cars, old houses, history, cooking and many other things. One might conclude his tastes are quite eclectic. Highly intelligent,a great conversationalist and a great sense of humor make him one of those rare finds in FA's. Oh Yes Ladies. Did I mention he is single?


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