Feeders In Paradise

By Stan Malay

My name is Stan and I am an avid Admirer & feeder. I find curves a major turn on. The Bigger the Better!!!! It seems to me that most size acceptance websites do not accept Feeders. When I approach a BBW it seems to be one of the first questions they ask. "Are you a feeder?". Why is this? I am not trying to push my interests on them.I would not force someone to eat. I do enjoy seeing the woman accept themselves enough to where they can enjoy eating.

Countless times I will take out a BBW to a nice dinner. It is annoying to spend money on a nice dinner to have them sit accross from me and pick at their food and say they arent hungry after a few bites.Lets face it we both know you eat. Why can't we enjoy it together. Especially since I genuinely love it! I think many people are scared of it but they have not even kept themselves open to trying it.

I decided to write this article and submit it to Lexi since I have noticed her posts on the Dimensions Web board. She always has sounded very friendly and open minded. I know her opinions on feeding as far as she goes but i feel she would at least publish this. Anyway, if you are a feedee now. Or if you are interested in talking about it some please email to me.