Loser List

We all have an online loser story. But doesn't it tick you off that there isn't a place online to announce the loser to the world? Well-now there is. LosersOnlineBBWnFA was designed to help men and women protect themselves from Online Losers. It was started after a friend had been hurt by a loser online.

Not only do we now have a place to post the losers name but you can ask about someone you may be curious about who has given you those little red flags.
Topics vary but this list is a place where we are all looking out for each other.

The master list of losers comes out several times a month. You can also simply go to the Database and read the list of losers there. Please keep in mind that these are NOT "meet and sleeps" or bad date stories. These are people who have harmed others physically, mentally or financially. This is not the place to "get even" but instead a place to help you heal and warn others of this "loser".

Please feel free to check out our site the shortcut URL to this page is

You can subscribe by sending a BLANK email to

or by emailing me at LilBBWSpitfire@aol.com and I'll help you get signed on to the group.

I look forward to getting to know you. But in the mean time be cautious and watch for those little red flags.

Hugs, Megan :)
LosersOnlineBBWnFA Group Owner