Lexi's Place

I have always enjoyed the month of July. No, not just because its my Birthday month but its always been a period of relaxation and vacation . Ever since I can remember we took our family holiday then. However, for the past 7 years I have been homebound so for me there has not been any real vacation. Only one brief trip from Hell which is better left at that!

This July I have spent working instead of vacationing. So much has been accomplished. My new venture is on the verge of being launched. The date is set for Mid September. We still need staff for it. A special thank you to Megan/aka Lil BBW Spitfire for the beautiful graphics she has done and is still working on for the Magazine. I hope all of you will read & contribute to the content.

I am also seeking a new staff member for Bigger And Better. The applicant I seek would need to relocate to central florida. They would be working the night shift here at our offices. They would receive room & board and some salary. If you are interested please contact me directly.

I look forward to the rest of this year.I have some great plans for it! Keep checking back here for new newsletters and information. If you can get to our central florida area please come to one of our events. They are lots of fun!