Letter To The Editor

I hope I am not being nosey but it seems that there used to be 2 people running B.A.B.E.. What happened to Tom?

Thanks for asking. I am both happy & sad to say that Tom is no longer with BABE. I thank him for the contribution he did make with his efforts towards size acceptance. As most of you knew Tom & I got married during a BABE event the first year. I am sad to say we are now divorced. Let it suffice to say it did not work out. I am looking forward to meeting A "REAL MR. Right" so if any of you nice FA's want to APPLY please do :)

We do have some new Staff now working with me and we are looking for a person to live in at Babe headquarters and handle the night shift. Please speak to me personally or my office manager Becca about this opening.

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