I want to introduce you to a friend of mine Laina Yanni Hill .She is a well known visionary, empathic, spirituality counselor, psychic, and a medium. In her work she counts on using the light of spirit. Only positive energy is used or allowed. I appeared on her radio show a few years back. She has agreed to do a column for my new and exciting online magazine It is geared towards plus size people and size acceptance.

As Laina says "The average size of an America Woman is a size 12. Size predjudice is the last frontier. I am proud to be me, and proud to help others accept who they are as well, no matter what size, color, age, race, creed, belief. We are all one in the Universe. All we can ask is to be the best we can be, and that is from what is inside of us." Laina feels that each life that you touch, everyday, you must try to touch in a positive way. That is what makes the Universe a wonderful place. No matter what our trials or tribulations may be, we know that we can count on each other to bring forth positive resolve, and happiness. You have to believe no matter what, that everyday there is hope and their is a chance for happiness. Enjoy this learning ground, do not look back and dwell on the past. For today holds new hope and a positive memory.
May the Love and LIGHT Surround you all,

Laina can be reached by email .
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