Bigger & Better worth checking out.

When I first heard of Bigger & Better, I was nervous and excited. I was excited about meeting new people, but nervous I would be the largest woman there. I was almost looking for a way not to go to the party, but common sense prevailed and off I went.

When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see people of all sizes and shapes. Everyone seemed to be having a really great time, and for the first time in my life it didn't matter what size I was. There were just a bunch of people, talking, joking around, listening to music, and being themselves without hang-ups about their size. I ended up having one of the most enjoyable nights of my life, and I couldn't wait for the next party.

As the months passed, and the parties continued, I began to form new and important friendships that would affect my life in many different ways. The confidence that I have gained since being involved with Bigger & Better has amazed me. I find that I can accept myself more for who I am instead of being critical about the size clothing I wear. Now I walk around with my head held high, proud of myself instead of trying to hide.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that Bigger & Better and all the people involved helped me to realize that I am a worthwhile person, and I have something to say. So, anyone of size who needs a boost of confidence, a shoulder to lean on, or someone just to listen, should definately come and check out Bigger & Better.

debbie r

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