A Candle in the Snow

By Rita

Tiny flame flickers as a winter storm wraps the landscape within a dazzling white cloak. prince of summer sleeps beside me, black hair spread across a pillow of pine needles, muscled body limp upon a bed of ice. I pray, "Small orange light, break his enchantment." as smoky tendrils rise to a gray-blue sky. I kiss him leaving traces of red berry upon his cheek- a wish for my love to warm his heart. and still he slumbers in wintry blizzard- eyes flickering within a sad dream- a soft breath lingers, a fragile sign of faith. like a candle in the snow. I’VE NEVER SEEN I have never really seen the rain or metioned it to you i have never really understood so many, are so few. I cannot recall a single second my fickle heart was real maybe it's because i had no chance to feel i wish i could decipher my true feelings, just one thought yet it is impossible to learn when you were never taught

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