Dance and Disability, a brief biography
by Kari Ann Owen

In September 1993, the sciatic nerve running through my lower back and
down my right leg became so inflamed I could not walk.
A stranger I had been talking with about a stereo volunteered to come to
my home in the Wildcat Canyon section of East Richmond Heights and drive
me to the emergency room at Merrithew Memorial Hospital in Martinez.
I entered the emergency room in a wheelchair.
Five years later, I am teaching modern dance to a lady who has just
emerged from two years of enforced bed rest.
How, and why?
My greatest motivator in getting out and staying out of that wheelchair
has been a deep desire for healing, both physically and psychologically.
For my life has been spent in the wind: sometimes on horses, sometimes
on motorcycles, and sometimes in dance.
As a fat child, I was taunted for my weight by family and peers, and
sometimes deprived of food when hungry, and even spat on once from a
bus. To internalize this abuse to the exclusion of all else would have
been suicidal. So whenever I could, I not only dreamed about living in
the wind, but rode horses. After my birthparents abandoned me to
institutional care after an incestuous assault by my father, I met a
modern dance teacher whose faith in me was total, both artistically and
as a human being of worth.
Upon her wings I still ride, sharing the healing the Creator has brought
me. My hope is to share this healing with all who desire it.

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