What do you do when you realize your 5 ft Tall & 560 lbs and can no longer function on your own 
in many ways? The first thing that I experienced was fear. One might wonder what I mean by function 
if your not near supersize. I think it might be useful to you if I can let you know what might expect if you ever
reach the weight I have mentioned above or close to it. For me the first thing I noticed was that I could no 
longer drive a car. No matter what I tried the way my body was built there was no way I  could fit in . 
That in itself was devestating.  I thought this has to be the worst part about being big. It wasn't. 

I started vegetating at home  now that I had no viable means to get out. Not to long after I had a second 
bout in two years of walking pneumonia. .After 2 weeks in the hospital I was sent home on oxygen
.Its  5-6 years later and i am still on it. It also affected my mobility. I was forced to sit around more. I was not
 at all flexible. I even fell quite a few times and required paramedics in order to get up.

If all that wasn't bad enough it soon became evident that simple things I took for granted were not going to
be things I could do for myself any longer. Things that I could do with ease like showering were no longer
possible. I required help to reach  those special places. It also became difficult to keep my feet down for
long periods of time. Therefore I spent longer periods of time in my bed. 

Before to long I found myself even cooking from my bed and having my kids bring me stuff to stir.
I rarely left the bed. Just to the bathroom & back. Its been like that for 5 years. If you think it is
 possible to at anytime just lose he weight or start exercising and you will be just the same as before 
your wrong. What you don't use you lose. I know longer have any mobility on my left side. I can't roll 
that way at all.

These are just the mild ramifications of my being supersize.Many people get to this size and for long
 periods of time are healthy and have full mobility.I have not met anyone that could continue that way 
for years.Its Fine and ACCEPTABLE to be WHATEVER size you are.It is just best to be prepared and
 knowledgable about what might occur.

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