She's 29 5 ft 4 and a half and 250 lbs and loves life. Her 3 children keep her quite active.Especially having a set of 8 year old twins."That keeps me on my toes " Valerie exclaimed. Still looking for mr right after ending her marriage 7 years ago she isnt one to sit still and let life pass her by.

Some of her hobbies include dancing, cooking , especially baking and playing tennis.One of her favorite things to do on the weekend is line dancing. Her favorite line dance is the Electric Slide,however she loves them all.

Her favorite type of music is country though she likes it all. Her favorite singers are Faith Hill & Shaina Twain though most country music is enjoyable.

Valerie also enjoys going to the movies. Her all time favorie movie is Grease. I guess it wouldn't suprise anyone to know that John Travolta is her favorite actress.

Currently she is employed by Little Ceasers. However, for 7 years she was in the advertising field. She hope to be able to go back to school for a Bachelors Degree in Advertising. On of the other jobs she held was a baker. If you sample her lucious cakes you wouldn't doubt it for a moment. Try one at the Next BABE party. Valeries baking a special cake. Im Sure you will enjoy meeting her as well.

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