Bigger & Better

Volume Two Issue Four October 1999

Dear Tom & Alexis

Thank You, No THANK YOU!!!! for doing this wonderful newsletter and running these great parties. Before you added the party cam I really wondered if I could go to one of these events. Yes, I saw the pictures but yet it really didn't seem totally real that all these big women were attending. That they were not made up models. Kind of wierd thought huh?

I am a big Woman over 350 lbs. I'm always scared to go out places not sure if I will be able to sit there or if I will be the biggest one. Looking at your party Cam I'm ready to go.So, I'll meet you all on Halloween.

Thanks Again




This event will take place Febuary 11th-13th, 2000. Orlando/Kissimmee, Florida will be HOST to this three day fun packed event. Many activities are planned and we have many prizes for the pageant contestants and the different contests throughout this 3 day event. We are so fortunate to have the Beautiful, Confident & Sexy BBW, Mendi Teats, Publisher of Big Butt Magazine as an MC for this BASH/PAGEANT. Mendi has appeared on numerous Big Butt magazine covers as well as quite a few centerfolds. To many she is unequalable when it comes to sensuality. You may also check out her website at With Mendi at the party we are assured a great time. For those that don't know of her, she has frequented many talk show panels. Some such as Jenny Jones & Rolanda as many as 5 times. She has also appeared on Maury Povich, Richard Bey, Danny Bonaducci, Geraldo ,Charles Perez & Jerry Springer. The list of Judges & Vendors is growing. We are just so excited to have everything fall into place. We are asking everyone please go to the site and send in your registration forms ASAP and call the hotel to book your room. Rooms are filling up fast so we need to get your registration forms in to match up to the rooms that are being registered. This Bash/Pageant is going to get the millenium off to a great start. If you'd like to be a contestant PLEASE FILL OUT AND RETURN YOUR APPLICATIONS RIGHT AWAY. WE REALLY NEED TO KNOW HOW MANY CONTESTANTS WE HAVE Just want to volunteer your help on this project email me. For more Pageant info Click Here



Look out for a Jenny Jones show pretty soon with some of our members. We have worked with their show producers to get some of our BABE chapter people on the show. Some of the people that went are lliliana & Tracy others still going are Ebony,Howard, and possibly a few others. We are really excited about this and wish them all luck on the show. I'm sure we will all proudly watch and applaud your appearances. Anyone else wanting to be on a show can contact us and we will give you the necessary information.


Kansas City Missouri BABE By Karla

Hi, My name is Karla aka Karlita.

I look forward to getting to know all of you. We want to have some great BABE parties in our area.
We are looking forward to our first event shortly in the Kansas City Missouri area. Please email if you are interested in attending. Our Club Page for our area will be online soon.Check the main BABE page to find the link to it.

September Babe Party:*PEEKA Sisters A Big HIT*

By Alexis Adams-Gleaton

What a night it was! Our PJ Party was a huge success! We had record attendance at this one. There was a good ratio of Men & Women.This was one Pajama Party where nobody slept! We had a great performance by the Peeka Sisters. Jamie sure looked like he was having fun helping out the Peeka Sisters with their routine. In fact he had quite a few good lines. (We have a few real video files in the pic area for you to see.). They were hilarious and ooh so sexy as usual. Debbie V had her Birthday suprise that night as the Peekas did their lil special Birthday telegram for her. Phyllis even bought Debbie a huge 1/2 sheet Birthday cake to share with everyone. During the Peekas Telegram Debbie found some of that cake going to an interesting use. (see the pics)I think this is one birthday she won't soon forget. Everyone was all decked out intheir PJ's. The FA's were the Judges and agreed that everyone looked very good. The winners of the PJ contest was Kale for Sexy PJ's, China for Wildest, Wackiest went to Lilliana & Most Elegant went to Lexi. The buffet table was filled with all sorts of foods & goodies. Everyone had outdone themselves preparing food for the event. Even though our regular bean maker was missing from the party our substitute Bean Chef gets an A Plus. The pot was definitly empty by the end of the party which incidently the next day around 3 PM. The Margaritas were flowing and eveyone really had a great time.



By Alexis Adams-Gleaton

Born in Munich Germany but calls Clarksville Tennessee home Laurel is a 29 year old super sexy & well educated BBW. A little bit of everything. Humility, grace, and humor. She has so much going for her. A 7 year old boy who is very into cub scouting is her pride & joy. Lucky for him he has a terrific mom who takes a lot of interest in his activities, and enjoys joining in his cub scouting activities. Some of her hobbies are darts, computers, and singing. Laurel says " I hope to become a teacher and raise my son as positively as I can". Currently she is still in active pursuit of her fantasy man who would be a cross between Tom Hanks because of his humor ,Patrick Swayze for the unresistable butt, and Ricky Martin cause he's the total package in one. Then for just plain old personal reasons Mike Scheidt. When I asked her where she'd like to go on a date with this fantasy man; with a gleam in her eyes she was quick to say "oh definitly an Alaskan cruise". "We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams" Gene Wilder may have said that quote above during a performance of Williy Wonka & the chocolate factory but Laurel has never forgotten it. That is one of her favorite quotes and something she tries hard not to forget. When I asked her if she could make one change about todays society what would it be she reiterated this to me."Everyone forgets the middle of the road person who stays out of trouble and may still need help in one way or another. I would make sure that their needs were heard and met." Of course if she could also change one thing about her life right now it would be her financial status. I'm sure she would not be alone when it came to that wish. When it comes to a favorite food just give her chinese and she will be a happy camper. Of course if it were followed by some tasty Ben & Jerry dessert she wouldn't complain. All her friends know her fantasy job is to be a taster for that company. Eclectic is how I would describe Laurel which is one quality that makes her such an interesting person. From her favorite colors which are teal and purple;to her tastes in books & music. Laurel enjoys reading the books of the infamous Beatrice Small. Basically anything that is written by this woman she will read. Pinpointing any one music group she enjoys is impossible. As she says"Way to many to pick from". Having had the pleasant opportunity getting to know Laurel a bit recently, I was not suprised by her answer to my next question. My question was "who are the woman & men you most admire?" Laurel paused for about 3 seconds and said "hmmmmm Wilma Rudolph who was born with polio. She was a black woman who was born in the 1950's in the south. Who overcame her numerous obsticals before her and became the fastest woman in the world in the 1960 Olympics by winning 3 gold medals! Laurel continued " As for the man I most admire well my father for reasons only I can comprehend!" I asked Laurel "If you could travel anywhere where would you go and why?" With much excitment she said two places are equally desireable in my eyes. One is Munich so I can see my birthplace (and the birthplace of beer and Octoberfest) and the other is Alaska. I love the cold weather.Then with a smile she added "plus the man to woman ratio is something like 25:1". My closing question of our interview was "What does it mean to you to be a BBW,What struggles do you face as one & What can society do to make it easier? After a brief pause she said "well being a BBW is just being me,its a big part of who I am! My biggest struggle is public places that make it hard for me to patronize their businesses ie movie theatres, resturants with small chairs.. etc. What can they do? "Outlaw all seats with arms! " She says with a big laugh! IN MEMORY OF DONNA (fondly known as BodZilla) By Alexis Adams-Gleaton We are sad to report the death of a very lovely woman in our BBW community.

As Donna used to say "fat is sexy, fun, liberating, and sane".

Donna was 37, an Atlanta native, and unapolegetically fat. She weighed over 400 lbs. As she always said " I see no need to lie about my weight since fat is sexy". I had to work too hard to get this great looking body to waste my time feeling negative about obesity.

She was a single parent who always made her son the first priority in her life. He was very loved and it is sad to know he will only have memories of his mom to grow up on.

Always friendly, this intelligent sexy woman was a person that knew how to love and how to enjoy thing with a passion. Though she considered herself shy she liked to dance, laugh, meet new people, and chat. She was one of those people you could always count onto listen to you if you felt down. She was also a very spiritual person. Who loved to read. Enjoyed doing things for people and helping them any way they could. We will miss you Donna.

Millenium BBW

By Thomas Gleaton

What will the new age hold for our elegant, sensual,beautiful sisters of rubenesque beauty. Talking heads continually announce the new miracle drugs, proceedures, and therapies that help to defeat thisnewly defined "disease" called obesity. I wish that there was not such a negative stigma now attached to this sexy voluptuous look. I hope that this new age holds a new understanding. I am talking about the radical concept of people co-existing in celebration of their differences instead of quarreling and conspiring because of them. There are so many social issues demanding our attention in our modern attempt at Eutopia that our little struggle is still lagging way behind. There have been so many painful lessons in this past century that teach us to accept and love one anotheras we love ourselves, but even in this new age of hope, hatred and intolerance still surround us. Before people are going to be able to take the plight of the "obese population" seriously,there is going to have to be a serious advance in our modern society's collective intelligence. It's time for human beings to realize that they were given reason and intelligence in order to rise above the crude existance of hatred and intolerance By collective intelligence, one could imagine a world where different countries worked together to solve problems, sometimes in a co-operative way, and somtimes in a competetive way. Imagine the inspiration each and every culture would have to seek out their own gifted and talented population. Great minds of each and every nation working together to solve somereally complex problem faced by us as a race, not as a "nation" or as a "culture". Maybe when the constitution was being drawn out, the inclusion of the words "all men are created equal" was an incredible futuristic insight. Even though they were still mired in the horrible and sadistic practice of slavery, they had the forsight to know ahead of time that we would all need to pull together to improve the human condition on the whole, without exclusion of someone because of race, religion, or maybe even size. As a result of the civil rights reforms that have taken place over this very last century, we have been seriously gifted. Some incredible scientists, authors, artists, musicians, and yes, even athletes have been graciously given to our American culture on the whole because of civil rights reform. If such acheivement could be accomplished through one social movement in one country on this big planet, imagine the results if all those countries worked together in a collective manner. Every time I hear somebody say that they would wish for "world peace" if given one wish, I think about what could happen if every leader, every individual, every social group could live harmoniously. If every human being on this planet wanted to improve theirown life and the human condition on the whole, then maybe harmony among different people would indeed be something to wish for. I don't have to go into specific details about just how many enemies face the inhabitants of this plant in the coming century, because we are surrounded by high tech media to remind us of them every day. The cure for this, cure for that, answer to another complex social problem, it's all right there waiting to be "solved" by someone, or something. As we approach this new "nano-age" with all the accomplishment and all the glory in today's inventions, we still face the same catastrophic events that are brought about by the simple lack of tolerance. Every time I hear about another hundred thousand people fleeing some country, or a few thousand killed needlessly in that country, I think of the vicious removal of whatever advancements we could have obtained, but instead paid for in the price of human life. All of those people, sometimes a whole ethnic group, made to focus on the simple act of survival instead of living a happy, advanced, productive, fulfilling life. We all pay for such catastrophic events. Not that minute, not that hour, maybe not even in that decade.Something is taken from us though, as a whole, when each and every human life is taken through any kind of violent act. Who knows of the possible advancements, inventions, or even cures we may have obtained had a culture been able to flourish instead of being beaten down by oppresion or starved economically by corrupt governments. In a more science fiction point of view, a game of futuristic "what if?" could be played. What if there really is a superior race out there that is hanging out, watching the advancements we make generation by generation. They may have been able to hand a hundred years worth of human evolution to us in one shining moment. They would not though, simply because of the lack in harmony among the very people that inhibit this planet. We would give them cause to beleive we would turn those gifts against ourselves, and worse yet, against them. That is right out of a millenium science fiction novel that has come out already or is yet to be written. Even though that scenario may seem far fetched, the human race holds itself back in it's lack of tolerance for differences between us. For the Utopian existance that almost everyone really would like to live in, and be a part of, everyone would have to accept, respect, and rejoice in those things that makes us all unique. The very reason I am glad people are different is because it is through those various gifts that we may make each other's lives more fulfilling. When I say we hold ourselves back, it's because the lack of interaction among diverse social groups of people denies everyone of a more fulfilling and richer existance as a resident of mother earth. People have written volumes of fiction detailing a "what if" scenario for the possibility that another being became the "dominant race" on the planet. I have to wonder with the stories that I see in the news about new diseases and drug resistant bacteria if the dominant race on this very planet is still being decided. There was a much greater physical creature than us roaming the earth a few thousand years ago but are now gone. According to the large scale timeline developed by scientists, we are still in an early stage of development as a planet. The human race is already outnumbered by insects by a few thousand for each and every one of us. Much more than that, each human carries around several hundred thousand living organisms every day, inside and out.In a Utopian society, the different cultures of the world could create a special commision for each problemThat crops up or each technical task that is to be accomplished by humans as a whole. When the memo concerning "flesh eating bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics" hits the desk of this international beureau, the special commision is created, and internationally different approaches and perspectives are applied to the same problem. One might go "futuristic" again and say what if the Central American culture became technical and advanced, and the people were given education and motivation. Instead of depleting vast amounts of rain forests for the sale of simple materials for next to nothing, the country became a pioneer in high tech hydroponic farming and agriculture. In the region of Central America alone, there are hundreds of thousands of species of plants and insects, some of which have not even been identified. Taking advantage of their agricultural prowess, the Central Americans began to produce very high quality, almost abmormally large produce, and new strains of high protein, low sugar fruits that had a triple than usual shelf life. Lets say that in the process of developing agricultural superiority, they also started to harness the vast, untapped well of resources in the rain forests. Hundreds, possibly thousands of cures for diseases, anti-cancer vaccines, a new host of antibiotics, all could have been discovered right in that one rich and agriculturally unique region of the world. When given such a problem to solve they alone could come up with a few treatments rapidly and if given enough resources themselves, they could possibly even find the cure. Let's go a step further and say that this country is then rewarded with grants to do further research in an associated field, or research deeper in the same area, to further prevent an outbreak of the same condition due to the evolution of simple bacteria and viruses. In the real world, the Central American rainforests continue to be butchered for their simple lumber, and the people suffer in political strife and economic shambles. One day in the future, we will look back in disgust as we see the damage we have allowed to be done that will take hundreds more years to fix "down the line". It's no wonder that even here in the real world we see our evolution continue right before our eyes. We create a "space agency" that is striving to look outward for another place for us to "use up" like we have this planet. What does all this have to do with size acceptance? Painting a picture of how well the human race on the whole could live maybe. If we were more tolerant and accepting of our differences, everyone would live a better life. It's that simple. There is a problem with that when trying to relate it just to size acceptance though. One can't be acheived without fulfilling the big picture. It has been said over and over that the very human temptation to cut other people down is created by their own insecurity. People who feel the need to be negative and critical of differences like weight must be miserable. Just think about it. Having to depend on making other people feel bad because they have not even met expectations they have for themselves. If a person was really happy with themselves, they would not feel a need to be so openly critical of someone for being any size. Someone who is quick to insult someone for any difference, size or other, is really short changing themselves. By assuming that someone else is not equal because of a physical difference, a person misses out on discovering the other individual's unique gifts and talents. That famous quote "it takes a village" is no joke. In almost every aspect of human life, we benefit from the abilities of other people. This turn of the century, the human race has put a lot of expectation on itself. I think that the progression of the size acceptance movement, and the proliferation of bbw and fa sites on the web, secures a place for size acceptance in the near and distant future. It's my fear that as time wears on, more and more dangerous and risky options will open up to "cure" obesity. There will be more surgeries, more drugs, and more talk about "how bad" being fat is. It's going to be more important now than ever that size acceptance advocates stick to their guns. In this new magical age of science and technology, it's easy to trust "professionals" about what is best for us, and what is good or bad for us. The importance of the size acceptance in this new millenium will be in the fact that it will provide the only counter weight to this sociological disorder we now call "dieting". Every day when the diet ads for drugs, drinks, and surgery clinics pop up as regular as clockwork, the myth is created that fat is something that people chose to stay. If the size acceptance movement had never been created as early on as it was, we might be going into this century looking at obesity as a dreaded disease that must be cured at ANY cost, even at the risk of someone's very life. Even now one drug company is paying out millions because they inflicted hundreds of people with a heart condition. The diet industry is like a loose cannon in this generation. It depends on the negative self image inflicted on people of size. It's my hope that the size acceptance movement will grow much greater and eventually start to impair the growth of the diet industry. Maybe in this new century people will finally start to beleive the research that already says most people gain back all the weight plus more when they do a traditional diet. Maybe in this new age it will be realized that less attention needs to be paid to drugs and new ways to cut someone open, and more attention could go to therapy and support systems. The new millenium won't be such a pretty place for the diet industry if the public realizes that they are being harmed by it. When more people start to accept a few extra pounds instead of dieting it up to a few hundred pounds, we might start to get a grip on helping people before they do more damage trying to "fit in" to some artificial image of perfection. I hope that the BBW of the new millenium is able to stand up to all the forces in today's world that they are up against. I hope that the new bbw will be able to stand in the face of the "fatless" media and the magazine ads for aneorexia, and proclaim her beauty, sensuality, equality, and worth as a woman and as a person just the way she is right then and there. I hope the new bbw can demand respect for who she is and also demand to be admired for what she looks like at any size. I look forward to the day when the new millenium bbw's right to equal employment and equal access in public facilitiesis is finally respected and protected by law like the law protects people of various differences right now.


By Alexis Adams - Gleaton

Well I have had a really good month! Did any of you catch my article in Dimensions this Month? I know tooting my own horn but as I have learned if you can't Toot your own horn then you can't expect anyone to hear the noise. Hope that made sense. :)

I wanted to speak out this month about the need for people to tell the stores they patronize and the restaurants they dine at exactly what could make them more comfortable do business with them more often. How are these Business owners supposed to anticipate our needs if we cannot communicate it to them. I remember back 15 years ago going to restaurants and feeling really scared about the chairs. I would make my husband go in and check it out ahead of time. He was really good about it though he was NOT an FA and really disliked my weight. I would sit in the car and wait and then I'd say "you didn't ask them about the chairs did you?" Because if he had I'd not want to go in bcause I thought the people would now "Know" I was fat. GEE how stupid I feel. Of course they'd know I was fat. It dosen't take a rocket scientist to know that. Right before their eyes was standing 300 lbs (my weight then). Yes , I was FAT and still Am. However, now that the ADA has made it a little bit easier to fit in some places its time to really Speak Up & Speak Out about what we need. Ask if you can bring in your own chair if you have one thats better. Keep it in your trunk. Request that they purchase chairs to make it more comfortable to their larger customers.

Before I became homebound I had letters that I carried on me. A simple form letter I would use to rate the place I was at as to the ease of shopping or eating there.Problems I encountered. Before I'd leave the place I would hand it to them. I actually had many people thank me. Some of the things I looked for were Chairs without arms, Benches to sit down and wait on, Dressing rooms you could actually fit into,Bathrooms that did not have a commode attached to the wall without any support underneath. I used to give these letters to the women in my NAAFA chapter in Central Florida to use. They all really liked them.The more these merchants hear about our needs the faster they will act on it. Society makes changes to conform to the needs of the people. Lets make our needs known.

I have started a list of merchants,restaurants,Physicians & Professionals that have adapted to the needs of the larger person. So anyone that does encounter a place that should be included please email me to have them added.Every month I will feature one or more of these vendors in an effort to encourage more of them to participate. I want to see every place eventually be acessible and enjoyable by everyone.



By Thomas Gleaton Dear Ms. Wilson, It came to my attention through an article in Dimensions by Dani Osborne that you decided to go through with weight loss surgery on the web. I have been in a situation myself where a web-cam was used to gain publicity, and help the outside world to see "what's going on"at a party or event. I think that you did a great job of obtaining a lot of publicity and press for your decision. To do something viewed as very private in a very public way was very bold and brave of you. You have taken a stand in your battle with weight, and regardless of your previous participation in the size acceptance movement you still have the strong desire to change your body for what you beleive is the better. In doing so "on the web" you have not only obtained such publicity for yourself, you have also made people aware of how difficult this battle to acheive control of weight really is. I'm sure you have received a lot of praise and well wishes from those who are thin who have never had a weight problem. They congradulate you on doing a public service by educating people to the fact that this procedure exists and is used to help those with no self-control. I am not a celebrity personality, so my viewpoint can't reach nearly as many people as your publicity campaign will, but I still have to voice my opinion. This is something I feel strongly about, and what you are doing is the sociological counter-weight to why my organization exists, and why I do what I do every day of my life in the name of size acceptance. I feel that your previous participation in the NAAFA "Million Pound March" and your recent decision to undergo this surgery on a public level throws out some seriously mixed messages. The article in Dimensions was excellent and did a good job talking about the conflict that now exists in your public image. I have a much more personal opinion, because someone I love and care for a lot could have been killed had the doctor who was going to do the surgery on her been allowed to perform the operation. When I first heard that you had the surgery on the web,I blew it off it as a publicity stunt and did not give it much thought. When I woke up to the sound of your talking about the surgery on Good Morning America, I started to get worried. When I saw the talk show Leeza with you as a guest painting an absolutely rosey picture of the surgery I was starting to get downright nervous. There was no opposing viewpoint, nobody who had a negative experience, no information on the mortality rate that I could see. This really worries me. As a guest on Good Morning America, you were asked about the cost of the surgery. I wonder if you were coached at all by the doctors who performed the surgery because you flatly said it was $3000 to $4000 "plus aftercare". You were also quick to point out that it is covered under some insurance plans. My problem with this lack of information is the fact that everyone has heard about the condition of our nation's healthcare. When you flatly say "most insurance plans" you do not take into consideration the fact that the "average joe" who gets insurance from their job is not going to get the same kind of Beverly Hills treatment that you could afford as "after care". Most people will be kicked out of the hospital as early as possible with instructions on how to care of the huge gash in their belly, and what to expect as a result of re-arranging their insides for "elective surgery". My other problem is the fact that every single fat woman who decides to get this surgery is not going to get the same kind of care or consideration that a celebrity broadcasting the surgery on the web is going to get. Having known two people with personal experiences that did not turn out so great, I feel that the other side of this issue was ignored or swept under the rug. When I saw the Leeza show, I was shocked to hear how great the experience was, and how the only bad side affect was two weeks of feeling tired. I think that you should have paid more attention to Leeza when she talked about the long term symptoms experienced by aneorexics, because those same symptoms later turn out to be long term side affects of the very surgery you underwent. When you said that the surgery had been "perfected" you did not take into consideration the fact that not every doctor has had the training or is being scrutinized like your "doctor on the web" was. Another issue that I have with your appearance on that show was the fact that you talked about all your cravings disappearing. I am not a doctor but I can say with all certainty that this will not be something that happens with the average woman after surgery. While in your own experience you might have been "trained" by your body's own negative reactions to those foods not to like them, but you can't even begin to say that this surgery will cure a woman from ever wanting to eat something "bad for them" ever again. I see the old familiar pattern of "I can do it, so can you" developing. The more you go on and on about everything wonderful that has happened to you without anything mentioned about the hundreds or thousands that have died from it staggers me. You are painting a picture to all the "thin-folk" out there that here is another excuse not to be obese. You are making it appear as if there is no reason to be obese while this wonderful surgery exists. You are going to mislead a lot of people. My own wife came very close to having the surgery, in a hospital, years before we met. It turns out that the doctor was kind enough to roll in trays of desserts from the hospital cafeteria, and surround her with them while she lay in a hospital bed. He came out and started blasting her for being so fat, and living on a diet of this kind of stuff. He became very insulting, and asked her if she wanted to be a "fat pig" all of her life, or if she wanted to have his surgery. He brought her to the point of tears talking about the burden she placed on everyone else in society for being so fat and "useless". Does this sound like a doctor that cares, or a manipulator of used car salesmanship trying to insure that she does not pull out of the surgery and not pay him? The ironic twist to that story is that the surgery was mysteriously cancelled, thankfully, and it was later revealed that a patient from the previous evening of his had just died shortly out of surgery. The hospital did not feel like taking on any more liability, so they cancelled her surgery last minute. Another ironic twist is the fact that my wife later caught an episode of 20/20 where that very same doctor was brought up because of his extremely high mortality rate. My point for bringing this up is that every doctor out there is going to want to sell this surgery in their own practice, but not every doctor has the experience to do it right, or the experience with larger patients to know how careful one has to be with surgery at that size. I know several people with family or friends who have died years after having such surgery, and it amazes me that it is still sold as being so "safe".A well known actress/model has just died last year because she got pregnant a few years after having the surgery and her body just couldn't take it. I really wonder about how your media blitz has not addressed the dangers of becoming pregnant after such radical surgery. The reason why your decision to go on this public relations campaign is troubling me so, is because you are selling a bill of goods that just does not exist out there for the average individual. I know far more people who have suffered or been killed than I know of people who have had total success. You are given credit for doing such a public service and you are being convinced by members of the media that you are doing a good thing, but please remember to be responsible in your position. Please take into consideration the fact that for every hundred people you "help" you may be hurting or killing dozens of them at the same time. I don't know what motivates you to speak so highly of the positive without any consideration or concern for the potential danger, but I'm sure that the size acceptance community on the whole will remind you with their reaction and outcry. It is my belief that this surgery should be outlawed, and any other diet drugs that hit the market should be very highly scritinized. People forget that these surgeries are not a "magic wand". They do not solve the problems of obesity without danger, and they are not to be taken so lightly. It frightens me to see a culture that is so bent on an artificial image of perfection. Not long ago Redux and Phenphen were taken off the market, and now the company that produced them is liable for millions upon millions of dollars in a class action suit. How can doctors all across the country kill dozens of people in elective surgery and get away with it? Another issue that I have with the surgery is more personal. I feel that while this is an elective surgery, it is insane to perform it on someone at such a high risk for infection. The incision may have gotten smaller over the years, or you personally had a plastic surgeon working with your doctor, but most women are not going to come out of there with a cut less than four to six inches long. The belly of a larger woman moves with every movement of the body. Because of the size and position of the incision, it is going to take longer to heal, and is going to make an obese woman much more prone to infections and horrible scarring. I know that you did the surgery on the web, but have you continued to show the public what your incision looks like week after week? Have you shown one picture of the incision fully healed? I have not done extensive research through many fan sites, but for some reason I highly doubt that you have bothered with such a trivial detail as showing women what their body will look like when they come out. Even if you have very little scarring yourself, you have to remember that not every doctor is going to care enough, or be skilled enough to do for an average woman what was done for you. I know one woman with that same chest to waist scar on her belly, dealing with all the difficulties of what she can and can't eat, who is still over 400 pounds almost a decade after having the surgery. She has the misfortune of not losing the cravings for foods she loved all her life. She did lose weight initially, but even like the phenomenon of dieting, she gained back most of the weight lost plus much more in a few years. The woman I mentioned who died after becoming pregnant had a very large, pronounced scar running all the way from between her breasts down to her waistline When I first saw it I thought that she had emergency surgery of some kind. As she continued to model, and I saw her stomach deflate, I realized what the scar was from. She never even got the chance to have plastic surgery because she died less than five years after having this done to her. One more personal opinion I have to include about the surgery is the fact that the very principal of restricting a body function to control behavior is crazy to me. I have pointed out the fact that food intake is necessary for survival, and limiting that intake is like "partially" starving yourself. I have compared this to taking out a lung to help someone quit smoking. If they try to smoke on one lung they would choke hard, so therefore the temptation to smoke is eliminated. Unfortunately, if you happen to exert your body too much in any situation, you'll turn blue and possibly asfixiate. I will say again how it took great courage to take such a step. You are lucky to have the resources that enabled you to get such good care. I just wish that you would be more responisble in talking more about possible side affects, and the existing mortality rate across the nation for this kind of surgery. Without those facts it is not fair to share your own personal experience and compare it to what the average person will get. It has also been a very short time since you have had the surgery, and you have not gotten pregnant, or given your body the time to react and start showing other signs of starvation. I can't help but think that you are not being totally honest about how well your digestive system is adapting to such a radical and experimental modification. Be true to your self and your public, and don't be afraid to talk about the negative things that may follow for fear that you have made a bad decision. I really hope that if you start to experience things that are not so easy to cope with that you are just as honest about them.


Broken Shells

By Akisha

Disillusionment sat on its pedestal dripping its deception Down for us for comfort, and for petty little illusions That would sustain us, as we support our endeavors for repression Betrayal comes after its fall, Like the tide that sweeps away the broken shells Back into the watery waste for disposal Left with nothing more then the hazy distance of a goodbye A fading explanation for the whys and how's An undefined beginning of when it became the end Respecting what was left, we both stood apart Overcast skies look down on a deserted beach Where there is a burial in the sand...for broken shells

Shepherd's Pie
By Janelle
1 lb. ground beef
6 large or 8 medium-size potatoes
2 regular cans (14 oz.) french cut green beans, drained
2 small cans (8 oz.) tomato sauce
1/2 onion chopped fine (or about 2 tbsp. dried/minced onion flakes)
1 tbsp. flour
Seasonings - dried parsley (1 tsp.), oregano (1 tsp.) basil (1/2 tsp.); salt, pepper and garlic salt to taste
Prepare mashed potatoes according to your normal method. In medium skillet, brown the ground beef, drain. Add to the meat: onion (or onion flakes), garlic salt, salt and pepper - cook for about 2 minutes more. Pour the cans of tomato sauce into the meat, add the rest of the seasonings (parsley, oregano, basil), stir in the flour, then cook for about 5-10 minutes or until thickened. Spread the meat and sauce mixture in the bottom of a 8x12 baking
dish. Then spread the uncooked green beans in a layer over the meat. Finally, top with mounds of the mashed potatoes over the green beans, leaving little peaks on the tops of the potatoes. Bake in a 375F oven for 15-20 minutes, or until the tips of the mashed potatoes begin to turn a golden color.
~~Serve with sheepherder/shepherd's bread (whichever your store calls it)
2 1/4 c Chocolate wafer cookie Crumbs --Divided
1/2 c Sugar -- divided
1/2 c Margarine or butter --Melted
8 oz Cream cheese, cubed --Softenend
12 oz Cool Whip -- thawed
2 c Boiling water
1 pk 8-serving size Orange JelloGelatin
1/2 c Cold water
Ice cubes
Rectangular or oval shaped
Sandwich Cookies
Decorator icings
Candy corn and pumpkins
Mix 2 cups of the cookie crumbs, 1/4 cup of the sugar and the melted
margarine with fork in 13x9" baking pan until crumbs are well
moistened. Press firmly onto bottom of pan to form crust.
Refrigerate. Beat cream cheese and remaining 1/4 cup sugar in med.
bowl with wire whisk until smooth. Gently stir in 1/2 of the whipped
topping. Spread evenly over crust. Stir boiling water into gelatin in
med. bowl 2 minuets or until completely dissolved. Mix cold water and
ice cubes to make 1-1/2 cups. Add to gelatin; stir until slightly
thickened. Remove any remaining ice. Spoon gelatin over cream cheese
layer. Refrigerate 3 hours or until firm. Spread remaining whipped
topping over gelatin just before serving; sprinkle with remaining 1/4
cup cookie crumbs. Decorate sandwich cookies with icings to make
"tombstones". Stand tombstones on top of dessert with candies to
resemble a graveyard. Cut into squares to serve.
FA of the Month
This 38 year old male is currently in the central florida area. As he says "I'm not absolutly tied to the area though". Originally he is from New Jersey but he has lived in Florida for most of his life. When it comes to women he is really turned on most by their smile and sense of humor. He prefers larger women . I have liked large women since I was a teenager. They are very sensual to me. The main problem is acceptance. Some large women find it strange that men like them and they have to be convinced that they are just as beautiful as the supermodels. Also many guys fear rejection from their peers if they come out and say that they like larger women. My familly has always been supportive of my preference. If I could change one thing about society it would be to take away all prejudice about people. One time a group of my friends & I went to a strip club. At the club, there was one lady who weighed about 350 lbs plus who did a show. I was more interested in seeing her than the rest of the strippers. My friends were making jokes about her...and I was fantasizing about her. This is where the peer pressure comes in to conform. All the other ladies were to thin for me and did not interest me.
Though he fantasizes about being the CEO of a multi miollin dollar company in reality he has a 4 year college degree and works in managment. The company he works for is a family owned company. He hopes to see it grow and flourish. One day though he hopes to take some time off and travel to Europe. "I'd love to see England and Germany. It would be great to see some of my heritage" he said.
Terry's interests vary amongst a few things. Computers, consumer electronics, visiting theme
parks, watching movies, and traveling are some interests. He does not have any children so his schedule is very flexible. When on the computer he loves to visit web sites that pertain to larger women.
I asked Terry what some of his favorite things are. This is what he said "My favorite foods are hamburgers & Roast Beef, my favorite color is Blue, when it comes to books he likes action, thrillers & sci fi. As for the type of music I prefer Top 40 & Oldies".
In closing let me share with you Terry's favorite quote "I rather have nothing to talk about, than to talk about nothing".
If you would like to meet Terry email him or come to a BABE event.
METABOLIFE CONTROVERSY By Thomas Gleaton After watching an episode of 20/20 I am shocked and horrified again to hear another story about a dietary suppliment. To give any one piece of electronic journalism credit for the whole truth might be a stretch in some cases, but this story was extensive. The focus of the program was simple enough. There is a claim on the bottle that the product is safe to use.There is also a claim on their website where the following claim appears. "These studies also concluded our product to be safe".This is on a page that came up on what looks like a temporary link, so it would not continue to work if listed here. It looks like they have taken heed to the possibility that serious health problems could occur if the product is abused. What makes me nervous is the habit people have of abusing something to try to get a greater affect. With the pressure to be thin, and the daily persecution that one experiences being fat, I can imagine people abusing such an easy to obtain substance. The things that are mentioned in that faq page arereally some common sense approach tips for dieting in general. It is likely that if someone were to follow these suggestions without taking any kind of suppliment there would be some weight loss. By simply reminding someone not to skip meals, and to eat small meals often, one can boost the body's ability to metabolize foods. I read through the literature and realize that the average individual could quickly become confused by some of the suggestions, because the suggestion to make sure not to lose more than a certain amount per month would be gladly ignored if that easy to acheive. It looks like they did do their homework for sure. I know that 20/20 hit them hard because there is a dangerous trend right now to take unregulated herbal suppliments and sell them as "diet aids". I keep saying it over and over, but we are turning into a "one pill fixes all" society more every year! People have not learned the hard lessons fromPhen/Phen and Redux. When commercials for Meridia come on and I hear the possible side affects,I am shocked that it is going to be picked up as quickly as the last diet drug failure untila few people die and it is yanked. How many times does this cycle have to occur over and over? After hearing that the CEO of the company had a part in a methamphetemine production conviction I was again pretty shocked. With a background like that, one does have to think that his desire to make money far out weighs concerns about the hundreds of thousands who could use his product. The chemical ephedrine appears in Metabolife, and while that drug is legal, it is one drug used in the production of the illegal drug the CEO was convicted for taking part in the production of.The pharmocologists that performed the tests were also interviewed on the news show, and they all hadsome dispute that the general claim of safety could be made from just their research. With the same familiar disclaimers that appear on most herbal products, Metabolife really does have to be given credit for hiring good lawyers. I'm sure that there are hundreds, if not thousands of herbal products on the market right now that carry the following warning. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. When I last checked, wasn't everyone calling obesity a disease? I know that I don't like the stigma that classification creates, but shouldn't being sold as a diet product carry more responsibility if obesity does have such a radical label? I'm going to have to make a trip to a pharmacy to check out all of those popular, name brand herbal suppliments. One of these companies presently uses a familiar sit-com actress as a kind of spokeswoman. There is a large variety of different products by this company with many of the same elements in Metabolife. I'm going to have to see if those carry the same disclaimer,but if they are "herbal", they probably do. The medical community that allows it's work to be summed up like that to sell a product are not held accountable, and the company that is doing it is not held accountable. They are following the letter of the law, and making all of the statements that are necessary to warn the general public about abuse of their product. The news program could have picked out a handful of herbal suppliments that make the claim to help people lose weight, many of which would have almost the same ingredients as Metabolife. I think that the news show's decision to chose that product was based on the fact that they found a woman who took it and had a serious seizure. She was in a coma for three weeks, and has had to undergo physical therapy to learn how to do every day tasks again. That kind of reaction could have been created by any number of similar diet aids on the market today. I'm glad that the news show wanted to expose the potential dangers of using products containing these substances, but I still think that there had to be the hint of sensationalism simply because this company is making millions of dollars. They estimate that over 225,000 pills are taken every hour. That translates to big bucks! This product could be just as "safe" as any name brand product on the market. Because of the incredible revenue of this one diet pill company, a serious case was finally made for a victim. My most sincere wishes goes to the unfortunate victim who suffered a major seizure in taking the drug. I hope that other people are made aware of the potential danger of just popping something into your mouth without knowing with all certainty that it could really hurt you. Cigarettes companies have to advertise death on the side of every box. As long as a product says that it helps someone lose weight, it could probably carry the same warning and still be snatched up by millions of desparate people. With the term "heroin chic" even in existance we must be out of our minds to be doing this to ourselves. The pressure to be thin is so strong. It saddens me that people can take such risks, and do such potentially harmful things to their body all in the effort to save their life. It's such a sad irony when something a person does to make such an improvement turns out to be such a horror story later. I hope that people wake up and start to realize something. Every time they see a diet ad, they are watching propaganda produced by a billion dollar industry. Without more interactive regulation, making up their own rules, and making the kind of money to get good lawyers, they can put almost anything they want in a bottle and tell you it will help you to lose weight. It's even worse to think that there are clinics in operation that are injecting hormones into people, and doctors cutting people open with the promise of another shortcut. The kind of radical decision togo under the knife when one does not have should be enough to tell people that we are pushing too hard. It looks like the first long term studies that even exist about Metabolife won't be released until early next year. At a rate of 225,000 pills being consumed every hour, I wouldn't care if I got shut down because of long term affects discovered early next year. The product is now under more scrutiny, but I stress that it does follow the guidlines required to sell an herbal suppliment. I'm glad to see that they may be forced to include the more serious potential side affects right on the bottle though. That won't stop people who are made desparate to lose weight by our lack of acceptance today. A warning on the bottle is not going to help the woman who suffered a stroke, or the women that could suffer much more serious long term side affects as time goes on. I think that as long as it is legal, Metabolife has every right to sell the product.I think that as usual, the term "buyer beware" applies as usual though. If more long term research was done on dieting in general though, maybe someone will finally discover a way to deal with the problem of obesity without altering the body or ingestion of a pill. Even as a F.A., I realize it's time to look for a sensible way to lose weight. People are being seriously hurt by all of these "experimental" drugs and surgeries. The idea of a "thin society" would still seem impossible as well as scary to me. I see though that people are being tormented so by the issue of weight loss and obesity. I hope that some day there is a totally safe way to drop some weight if one chooses to.I'm sure that even if given a chance to get thin safely, there would still be some who would not wish to change who they are, or they may enjoy remaining a "limited commodity"when so many do drop so much weight. If ironyserves us right, people will become more accepting and society on the whole may become "fat friendly"just as a perfectly safe technique to lose weightis invented! Just our luck huh?

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