Hello ladies. My name is Joshua. I am a single Jewish Male, age :26, Born 11/09/73. I consider my best assets to be my eyes, my warm compasion, and my talents as being a great chef. I am 6'1" tall, Brown hair, trimmed on the sides, longer on top, I have the most wonderfull blue eyes, and everyone I have met has comented on them. I weigh around 295, give or take about 10 pounds. I live alone in North Miami Fl. Its a simple bachlors pad though, Comfy huge couch, lots of room, huge entertainment system, all the bells and whistles you can imagine. I have a puppy dog, Shes a minature schnauzer, her name is Isabelle, But she is living in Dallas right now where my parents own a home. I recently moved and the stress of moving and starting a new job would have been to much on her so I sent her home with my mother to be with their schnauzers. As a living I am a Executive Sous Chef in a private restaurant in Aventura. Its on a private island and its a lot of fun to work there. I design the menu, do specials, and something that should make a lot of you happy, I make WONDERFULL, to die for, once in a lifetime, god this is great, desserts. You name the food and I can cook it. I read a lot, Espacilly Fiction and Cook books. I enjoy movies of all sorts, have over 300 movies on VHS and a few dozen on DVD, My all time favorite movie is an old 80's B flick named Up the Creek, also love any comedy, drama, and action, Hate horror. When Im not working I am online, Watching a movie, or Listening to music. I like all kinds of music, but am not to much into bleeding heart country, and gangster rap. Just my personal tastes. I love anything classic from the 60's, 70's, or 80's, in my opnion the music of the nineties has gone down. I live for Crosby Stills and Nash, Emerson lake and Palmer, Fine young Canabels, Three dog Night, Bob Marley, Third World, and to top off the list, I adore Celtic music, Groups like Anuna, Clanad, enya, Dead can Dance, Lisa Gerrard. My favorite times of all are when I can cook a great meal for someone. Turn down the AC to just near freezing, Chill a bottle of wine, " white or red", Turn on some great soft rythem music, and light candles, bring a lot of pillows on my extra large couch and cuddle up with my love and show her what the true meaning of romance and compasion is all about. I dont do drugs of any kinds. I am a social drinker, enjoy a good beer now and then, and a dirty martini " thats olive juice and Gooooood Vodka for those who dont know". I am quiting smoking, But ocasionally I have a cigarette to settle the nerves. It started when I was a Garde Manger chef for a hotel in St.louis Mo. I worked from 5 am, till about 12am daily. Work those hours, 7 days a week, three months straight, and youll have a lot of friends. Jack Danials, Ben and Jerry, and Marlbro Man. I know its not funny but its the truth. I am looking for a woman, ages 21- ?, im not one who labels one on age, size, or race. I prefer to label someone on thier heart, thier soul, Who I can make them laugh and how they can make me laugh. I like someone who can actually hold a conversation longer then are you horney. Attached are two pictures. One is of me, a head shot, and another of my little puppy as a baby. Hope you enjoy and so you know I will answer all emails.

My emails is JoshuaG@sprintmail.com or Buddahchef@aol.com