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Bigger & Better

Volume Two Issue Four September 1999

Dear Tom & Alexis

Thank you for that great Article Tom wrote about your hospital experience. It really came in handy when I had to deal with ambulance paramedics a few weeks ago. It was really sad to see how uneducated medical people are with regards to handling a larger patient. They would have injured me even worse if I hadn't spoken up. Even in as much pain as I was in I remembered Alexis's situation and made them stop and move me correctly. Thanks for doing this great service . God Bless Nina Davis from West Virginia


Two New BABE chapters are coming soon North Carolina & Kansas City Missouri

North Carolina Babe By Wanda

Wanda has agreed to head up our North Carolina chapter.

Here is a brief bio she has written about herself.

I was born and raised in the Northern Virginia area.
Currently working as a contract Programmer doing COBOL and EDI(Electronic Data Interchange) work in South Carolina now. I am 5'3" and weigh in at around 330 Dark Auburn to grey hair and big brown eyes. I have been "overweight" most of my 44 years. I love Hot Air ballons, email, koala bears and Science Fiction on TV and the Movies. I am the single parent to an 18 yr old boy child who is the bane of my existance and the joy of my life.

We are looking forward to our first event shortly in the Rock Hill SC area. Please email if you are interested in attending. Our Club Page for our area will be online soon.Check the main BABE page to find the link to it.

Kansas City Missouri BABE By Karla

Hi, My name is Karla aka Karlita. I'm 33 years old and have been a BBW
since I was 19. I am currently engaged to a wonderful man that I met online.
We are going to be married 11/07/99 which is EXACTLY one year from our first
date. I have always wanted to be a party hostess of some kind. It would
give me the chance to let my social side come out of hiding. For many years
I was the shy, quiet type because I was ashamed of the way I looked. It
wasn't until recently that I learned to accept myself for who I am.. Not
what I look like. I have also found a man who tells me EVERYDAY how
beautiful I am and he has encouraged me to follow my dream of being a model.
Right now it's just Adult Internet Modeling but give me time... :)

When I was 17 years old I was anorexic (I'm 5' 10" and I weighed 135) at
that time I thought I was FAT. Then I went through a bad marriage and when
that was over I weighed 375 pounds. I am an emotional eater when things go
wrong I grab some oreo's or ANYTHING chocolate. I'm trying to break out of
that cycle. I currently weigh 276 pounds and Yes I am currently trying to
lose weight. But I'm doing it by excercising not by starving like I did when
I was 17. I also am not following what "they" say I should weigh.. I want
to get down to 175 and not a pound less.... But even if I never get there I
KNOW that I am BEAUTIFUL and that's all there is to it... :)

I look forward to getting to know all of you. We want to have some great BABE parties in our area.
We are looking forward to our first event shortly in the Kansas City Missouri area. Please email if you are interested in attending. Our Club Page for our area will be online soon.Check the main BABE page to find the link to it.

August Babe Party a Big Success

By Roberta

August 28th! What a night it was! Our theme was Italian Potluck and the table was brimming with loads of delicious food. Everyone had outdone themselves, even newcomer Laurel, who went all out and brought everyone's favorite, Freschetta!! (Mom we swear next time we'll bring one just for you!)

We spent the evening getting to know each other as we had a bunch of newcomers myself included. China, our resident Bun Mistress carried out her duties admirably, making sure no buns went unchecked, including all the new guys, who were really good sports about it all! Mimi, who was extremely excited about her Beach Bubbles Swimwear Fashion Show set out to recruit anybody and everyone to model in the show. No one was safe and we soon found ourselves agreeing to model the gorgeous swimsuits she had brought. After all who could say no to Mimi!
Mimi did get a little too excited about the show and had one too many uhmmm, "beverages", and became the life of the party!
Left to our own devices we narrated the show and modeled the swimsuits, while resident photographer Tom caught all the action on camera.
It was a big hit. The suits were wonderful and everyone was oohing and aahhing and picking out their favorites. After the show we put on our dancing shoes and danced the night away to some great music.
But, lest you think it ended there, think again!
After a group photo shoot, where of course we all acted like the hams we are, we partied into the wee hours of the morning, where only the hardiest of the partiers were left standing! Finally at 5am we called the party a success and headed off into slumber land.

If you didn't make it to the party we hope you make it to the next one! It's September 25th, mark your calendars!Lexi and Tom will be announcing the theme soon!

Don't forget to check out the pictures from the party. You can see all the gorgeous gals and the suits that they modeled for the fashion show.
If you're interested in any of the suits you see you can contact Mimi or Marianne at (904) 767-6611 or fax them at (904) 322-7355



This event will take place Febuary 11th-13th 2000. The location is Kissimmee Florida. This will be a three day event. Lots of fun is planned. Prizes for the contestants. If you'd like to be a contestant or just want to volunteer your help on this project email me. For more Pageant info Click Here


How I Found and Lost (Thank GOD) the Love of My Life
(or My Not So Temporary Insanity)

By Laurel

I met Chris at a church single's weekend. I found him good looking, funny, intelligent but due to my recent divorce I was only expecting friendship from any man so I was shocked when he actually sought me out. I was flattered that he went out of his way (and got out of bed at 6:00 am after a very late night) to come looking for me. ME!! The rest of the weekend was a dream! The only time not spent together was when we were sleeping and that was only a few hours. By the end of the weekend we were convinced that this was IT!!! Then the weekend was over.
Chris lives in Tampa and I live in Melbourne (about 150 miles apart). Not the longest of long distance relationships but long enough. We started our phone campaign the night we left camp. Every night was spent on the phone with each other. On the 3rd night he informed me he loved me. I was sure that since he said it first that he must mean it. Right??? Well, by the end of the first week I reciprocated.
Thats when paradise started getting earthquakes. Since he owned his own house in Tampa and I lived with my mom (I was a college student) I went to his house almost immediately. The first night was wonderful! Perfect in fact (perfect but no sex). However, when we woke up the next morning, he was a different man. He told me he thought I should go home and he would call me later after he had a chance to think about things. Needless to say I more that confused. He later informed me that he just wasn't ready for a relationship and that was that.
He called a week later to tell me he was wrong. He had been miserable without me and wanted to try again. YES!!! I was over there the next weekend and every weekend after that for 3 months. During this time, there was only a couple of kisses and hugs. I used to tease him that he hugged me like I was his sister. I still saw nothing wrong. We were together and I was happy. Then after 3 months...and after getting engaged...he did it again. Unexpectantly and unexplained he called it called it off.
He called 6 months later. He admitted to being a uncaring jerk and that he wanted to marry me. I was able to restrain myself for a week and I moved in with him and started planning a wedding. That lasted a week and he decided he didn't want to get married. I moved back home and you'd think that would be it right? There was NO WAY I would take him back EVER... right?
He called 6 months later (well e-mailed actually but wanted to keep up the theme). I was skeptical. Told him we could be friends but I wouldn't take him back. I think we both knew better. We eventually started talking marriage again. Until I went to his house for the first time. It went ok while I was there but when I got home...the phone call came. And in the course of the breaking up..the truth FINALLY came out. He had a serious problem with my WEIGHT and always had. Can you believe it??? My arguement was that he knew what I looked like when we started but he just felt the way he felt. every 3 or 4 months for almost 2 years we would continue this dance. Everytime he said he thought he could get past the weight and I believed him. But you know what...? Once they realize they don't like somthing about you...they NEVER get over it. Its just a preferrence. And he never did. We had great conversations. But thats all it was.. Talk. There was never a physical attraction for him. When I looked back I felt stupid for not seeing it at the time. Any of those times.
Well...I finally broke the cycle this year. I did want to e-mail him at about the 4 month mark but fought the urge. I started remembering the things I didn't like about him and all the things he said he didn't like about me. When I looked at it like was easy to not put his name in the To: box on the e-mail program!!!
I guess what I am trying to get to is that if they can't appreciate you .... ALL of you, forget it...they may think they love you but do they really? To me love is love. UNCONDITIONALLY! If you love someone you love them no matter what. Right?
Love yourself and you will find someone who loves you. Not because you are fat or skinny, blonde or readhead, short or tall...but because you are YOU.

BBWs - A Personal Perspective

by Paul F. Scardamaglia

What is a BBW?

BBW. No, it's not the call letters of a British television station, it's an
acronym for 'Big Beautiful Woman'. You've seen them in the streets, the
office, cars, and perhaps at home. This is a term applied to women of size
who have come to accept themselves for who they are rather than what
they are. As unfortunate as it is, some less enlightened members of society
tend to use less flattering terms.

I consider myself blessed to have known one such woman - Michelle.
But before the reader forms an opinion of this author, I must say that
although her size was the initial cause of my attraction, it was the love of
who she is that grew out of our relationship. To be as brief as possible,
we've met online and had taken the time to truly get know each via IMs,
email, snail mail, and on the phone. Three months later, we finally met in
person, yet felt as though we've known each other for years. My point is
that I've gotten to know WHO she is for the person she is.

I submit to you this personal philosophy that people, no matter how
they look physically: beautiful, ugly, black, white, big or small, that
appearance is transitory and therefore inconsequential, but the soul is

Difficulties arise in a BBW's need for apparel. Clothing manufacturers' limit the sizes making it difficult for a plus-size woman to make purchases aside from spandex. This is where custom-made clothing and catalogs from Roamans' and Lane Bryant come in. Though such companies are greatly appreciated, there is still the matter of overpricing ('...hey, they'd be desperate enough to pay up the wazoo for good-looking clothing...') and lack of super plus-sized models.

Michelle and I have weekly dates to the movies and on occasion dine
out. Over time I've learned one thing - call ahead to check the seating. For instance, the AMC theater near our home has what is known as 'stadium seating', i.e. the arm rests rise allowing for more seating space. However, the auditoriums with this seating are reserved for new and big hit movies; the remaining theaters use what I term ‘squeeze seats’. To avoid those seats we called ahead and arranged for management to supply her with a folding chair for use in the handicap section. But recently she had been denied the use of this chair because of what the theater manager felt was a fire hazard. We questioned his decision citing that a folding chair would be no different than a wheelchair upon which he responded ‘The wheelchair moves with the person as a single unit and is not considered a fire hazard.’. Despite her protests about boycotting AMC, I felt it best not to let them get the best of us and work to change the situation. We can all do this by writing to the theaters and the government to either incorporate stadium seating in the theaters, or to permit people of size to bring their own chairs.

Another lesson we’ve learned was to call ahead or peek in at restaurants to find out what kind of seating is available. For people of size, armless chairs are best but you can rule out the use of booths unless you're lucky to find a table that moves. I do not believe that all restaurants deliberately discriminate against people of size, but are just not aware such situations. In others, if they are aware, they simply refuse to go through the expense. Conclusion

Finally, size-acceptance, for that matter ‘people-acceptance’ must come from the heart. It is not something to be regulated by the government, but come from within. I’ve learned being in love with a BBW does have its challenges and rewards. To me, the rewards outweigh those challenges.


By Alexis Adams - Gleaton

No this isn't about Fast Food. It is about my life as a Supersize Women. This is part one of a series that I will write about my life and obstacles I face because of my size. Every day I wake up and realize that its one more day inside a shell that if given one wish I would discard without another thought. I started this group Bigger and Better in my effort to promote the issue I have to put first in my life, Size Acceptance. Its not just one of those "volunteer organizations" that I could participate in.It is my life. All day every day I am forced to think about size. Can I fit through a door? Will that Chair hold me? Is the doorway wide enough? How many feet is it from my car to the door? Can I reach inside a fold of my skin to keep clean? These are my realities. People look at me whereever I go.(which is not many places since i really haven't left the house in 5 years except for twice). Everyone seems to always tell me that they know a diet I can try. Well, you know I am the Queen of Diets. My crown has so many stones from broken diets its to heavy to wear.If I could diet successfully I'd be thin right now. It's not to say I don't keep trying because I do. However, despite that whether or not I diet isn't the issue. I reserve the right to be treated with total respect and dignity. I demand to be given the same opportunities in employment. If I can do the job then I should be allowed to have the opportunity to. When I go in a store I should have easy access to the facilities and merchandise. In restaurants there should be apropriate seating.Same in theatres.In hospitals I should have the same amount of respect & dignity as my thin counterpart . As well as the same medical care and treatments.

It is important that people in our everyday lives that are not Fat become educated about the size
discrimination. We need to promote size acceptance as a concept and makE the issue of FAT an issue of politics by advocating for the passage of bills that would add
height/weight to the civil law statutes, thereby providing legal recourse to people
discriminated against on the basis of height or weight.

THE FA WAY :FA in rehab

By Thomas Gleaton

Being a f.a. was always something I was quick to admit. I felt that
being so open and sometimes downright loud about my preference was
something totally necessary to furthering size acceptance. I really
thought that being up front about my preference would go towards
convincing those non-beleivers that "we" do exist. I wanted plus
size women to know that they are sexy, sensual, and attractive
just the way they are. I wanted other guys who might have my
taste in women to "come out" and be open and honest about
their preference.

After 30 years of being around, 16 of which living as a "f.a.",
I have finally learned some incredible lessons about myself
and the movement that I have become a part of. I have realized
that my approach to being a f.a. was at times obnoxious,
intimidating, and repelling. I can think back to some things
I have said as a devoted f.a. and I start to understand why
I would be faced with some of the reactions I have received.

One lesson I picked up was that my thinking was so different
from the women I am attracted to. It was hard for me to
realize I was insulting or frightening someone with things I
might have said. To come out and tell a woman she is sexy
and attractive to me when she has been showered with negative
messages about her body all her life was taken as sarcasm.
If a woman realized the attraction was real, then she
would find fault with me because I found her body sexy.
She might take offense to my observation of her body
without consideration for who she is inside. A woman does
not like to be approached as a "sex object" no matter what
she looks like. Talking about how beautiful her "shape"
is would be something she might interpret as a purely sexual advance.

I've realized that when I was being so picky about
"how big" someone was and "what shape" their body had,
I was ruling out getting to know some really interesting
and attractive people. As time goes by and I meet more
people in a social sense rather than a dating sense, I
realize just how much I caused myself to miss out. The
more specific I got about a "minimum weight" and a
"specific shape", the more I came across as a total
freak and borderline pervert. I am ashamed to admit that
I have only learned this lesson in the past year, and
after 16 years of a certain way of thinking, this lesson
was quite a wake up call.

I have learned now more than
ever how important the "woman within" is rather than the
body we carry around with us while in this existance.
Only after I learned my lesson about how sexy women are
on the inside did I realize what a "wierdo" I must have
come across as in my days before learning this lesson.
It's no wonder why the very women I talked about having
a weakness for were the most hesitant to ever want to
meet me for real. As a guy, if there was something special
about my appearance that a group of people found attractive,
I would tend to hang out with those people. I had to
realize that a plus sized woman fights all her
life to change that very thing I "claim" to be attracted to.
It's no wonder why that woman would not want to meet a guy
who "wants her fat".

This brings us to what exactly I am in "rehabilitation" for as
a f.a. I have not been able to "go clean" totally at this point
yet, but I am trying to totally cut out my complimentary
nature when it comes to someone's looks "below the neck".
Until it was pointed
out how offensive it can come across, complimenting
someone on their body was something I thought was a good thing.
I wanted so badly to try to reverse all the negative conditioning
with my little comments. It would get worse as someone
was critical of themselves. If there was something about a
woman's body she felt bad about, I felt that
it was my responsibility to show her just how wrong she was.
I would go on obsessively about how that very
thing would make her more unique and more special. I
realize now that anything I could have said would just
make her feel more self concious and more worried about how
she is perceived by others.

In the realm of "super" size, it was very easy to say
things that might not have made any sense. Some things said could
really be insulting if a person was not "in the movement".
In my admission of having an attraction for super-size women,
I was again making myself more unapproachable. It has been
pointed out to me how there is no way to imagine life in
their shoes. For me to approach someone of an avarage mindset
who happens to be super-size could be frightening and
awkward. For me to have sent out signals in the past of having
a super-size "requirement", I was putting up yet another barrier
to making friends with people who did not want to be labeled
according to their size. The motive in being so open about
a preference for the super-size woman was again to educate
and make people aware. The more a woman just could not beleive
she was attractive to me, the more I would have tried to convince
her. That was another issue that should have just been left alone.
I beleive that there are special needs and special circumstances
that set super-size women apart. It is not comforting though to
have someone to say "it's ok" when they don't know you have a clue
to what they go through. Again, the best motives end up
causing more damage than good.

As a f.a., I was quick to point out how hard it was to compliment
a plus size woman on the things I found attractive. I should have
realized that it was so difficult because it was not my place
to be doing it! The more I would ramble on about how sexy this
or that was, the more it must have come across as a joke, or
a sarcastic gesture. If I had spent so much energy trying to
get to know something about the woman's brain, her habits, her
life, maybe I would have been more attractive or magnetic.

Now that I have been enlightened to how offensive I was as
a f.a., I realize that other f.a.'s are guilty of the very
thing that I was. I start to wonder if f.a. is a label
that I am so comfortable with wearing in my new enlightenment.
I start to realize that maybe the men out there that like
big women who refuse to be called a f.a. really
do so for fear of what big women will think.
It's not a fear of what family or friends think,
if a guy goes around talking about his love for fat women,
it may be generally perceived that the guy has a problem!
Now I realize
that maybe my own f.a. status should stand for "female admirer"
or "fat advocate" or two words my wife comes up with occasionally
that can't be printed here!

I have to mention how I've also learned my lesson about
the "too small" syndrome. Having made the mistake over and
over of telling a woman she was a "bit light" for me when
it's not called for at all. It would happen in a few ways.
I might compliment a woman on how she looks and if that
woman was aware of my "super size" attraction I felt compelled
to tell her she was not "that big". What a total screw up!
I have even told a woman she would look really great "even
if she happened to gain weight" and that would be perceived
as an insult. Even if I was trying my best to be complimentary
(hard to beleive huh?), I was still making someone beleive
that I found fault with them the way they were right then.
I have come to realize that again, by not letting myself
see who the woman inside was, I was letting a potential
friendship with a really interesting person fly out the window.

Having realized all that I was doing wrong, I am ready to
value a woman more for the person she is rather than the
size of the dress she is wearing. Friends come in all
shapes and sizes, and I honestly did not know just how
much I was closing myself off to making all kinds of friends
just because I was so closed minded about what is attractive.
I think that this was another lesson that had so little
to do with being a f.a. and more to do with an ability to
admire the beauty of a person on the inside no matter what
size they are. It applies to being a f.a. only because I
finally learned that it is not my job to make everyone
feel better about themselves.

I can't change the way a
person's self image is just from making comments. I can't
be taken seriously if I go around spouting my sexual interests
rather than talking about the things that are important
to me in my life. I can't single handedly stop every fat
woman who is getting surgery from going to that doctor's office.
I can't stop the countless thousands who will diet and gain,
diet and gain. I can't stop women from taking a new pill even
if it can do more damage than anyone knows yet.
I can't stop other people from discriminating against
someone for their size. By openly being a f.a. I can't change
any of those things, and in some cases I may make things worse.

I think I will be taken more seriously in my work for
size acceptance if I can appreciate someone
for who they are. I will make someone feel special about themselves
if I concentrate more on the gifts they have been given in their
personality. I can make someone feel better about themselves if
I compliment them on their ability, their writing, or their
way of expressing their opinion. I can help to educate people
on the dangers of things invented for the purpose of "losing weight".
I can do all of those things and more if I stop screaming about
what looks good to me and get to work showing how special the talents
and abilities of a big beautiful woman are. I'm no angel, and
I still lose my cool and spout off about things now and then,
but when it comes to being a f.a. I am learning how to control
my impulses so that instead of doing damage I can do some good
in the name of size acceptance and proving that big is beautiful.


Journey of a Woman

By Roberta Kusluch

Once long ago, my emotions wandered to and fro,
Treated rude and mean, afraid to be heard or seen,
Always glared at scornfully, I lived my life mournfully.

Loneliness grew, for happiness I never knew
Love became a stranger, my soul was in danger.
What others saw as meekness, I knew to be weakness.

Unconditional acceptance I craved, to this end I slaved.
But their rules were all too rigid, their glances oh so frigid
Beaten and berated, myself I completely hated.

Tears they did nightly rain, no ease to the thundering pain.
No one could feel beautiful, when treated so pitiful
Where life and love should bloom, I knew only gloom.

Deeper and deeper into depression I hurled, begging, pleading take me from this world.
But somewhere lost inside, a glimmer of hope came to reside
Until one day at last, my fears aside I did cast.

Slowly, oh so slowly, my thoughts became less lowly,
Soaring higher and higher, they arose from the fire,
Wounds were tended and healed, my new spirit finally revealed.

Spurred by their inhumanity, the unbelievable insanity
Sick of always despairing, burning, burning to be daring,
Tired of the cold and starkness, boldly I emerged from the darkness.

Joyfully now I shiver, in fear I no longer quiver
Proud and tall I stand, their acceptance I fully demand
Love, it flowed back to me, I have truly been set free.

In Search Of My Life

By Alexis-Adams Gleaton

Sometimes i wonder if under all this Fat

If I would have lived my life different, found Nirvana and been all that

But lately ive aquired a positive look

One I couldn't find from Mode, BBW or a Glamour Book

The Look i've aquired wasn't bought in a shop

Wasn't made in a Lab nor is it part of a Fad

I didnt have to wait till Hallowween Day

No I can wear this Mask any old day

Its called Self Esteem I made it myself

It doesnt require magic or a lil old elf

You just have to say I like myself yes I do

And lickity Split you'll be wearing one to



Pie crust to fill 10" springform pan
I usually use Pillsbury ready made, so much easier
I usually pick up an extra package as sometimes one pkg is not enough.
2 lbs Bulk sweet Italian sausage
3 eggs
3 cups riccotta cheese
1lb grated mozzarella cheese (i usually get the kind that has a bit of garlic in it)
2 bags spinach (fresh is better)
2 pkgs portabella mushrooms
3 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper for seasoning
preheat oven to 350
slice and saute the mushrooms in a little olive oil, salt and pepper to taste
Roughly chop spinach and when mushrooms start to brown add spinach and wilt.
When cooked place mixture in a colander to drain.

Crumble sausage and brown in same pan.
While sausage is browning mix together ricotta, mozzarella and eggs.
Set aside.
Roll out crust to fit pan making sure you have enough to cover the sides and overlap the top a bit.
you may need to add a bit to the pie crust if using the pillsbury ones, that's where the extra pkg comes in handy
Squeeze out as much liquid as possible from the spinach/mushroom mixture and add to cheese mixture stirring well to evenly distribute.
When sausage is browned drain off excess fat & set aside for a moment
place half of the cheese mixture in the bottom of the pan and spread even
place half of the sausage on top of that, pressing mixture down lightly
then the other half of the cheese mix, again pressing down lightly.
spread last of sausage on top
cover with remaining pie crust, trim excess and crimp edges together.
Brush top with 1 egg beaten with 1 tbsp water
cut a few steam vents
and bake for 40-45 mins or unti crust is brown and cheese is set.
allow to set for 15 mins or so this way the cheese will not run everywhere.
do not take off ring until pie has set or it will collapse.
Boobs LaRue

(Florentine Cream Cake)
1 16- to 17-ounce package pound cake mix
1/4 cup almond-flavored liqueur
6 1-ounce squares semisweet chocolate
2 cups heavy or whipping cream
4 teaspoons instant espresso-coffee powder
1 package vanilla-flavor instant pudding and pie filling for 6 servings
2 1/4 cups milk
1 teaspoon almond extract
2 tablespoons slivered blanched, almonds, chopped
2 tablespoons sugar

1. Prepare cake mix as label directs for 9” by 5” loaf pan; cool completely.
2. Line 2 1/2-quart bowl with plastic wrap. Cut cake into 1/2-inch thick
slices; cut each slice diagonally in half to make 2 triangles.
3. Sprinkle almond-flavor liqueur over cake triangles; reserve remaining
4. In heavy 1-quart saucepan over low heat, heat 4 squares semisweet
chocolate, stirring often, until melted and smooth; cool slightly. Coarsely
grate remaining 2 squares.
5. In a small bowl, with mixer at medium speed, beat 1 1/4 cups heavy or
whipping cream and 2 teaspoons instant espresso-coffee powder until
stiff peaks form.
6. In large bowl, with wire whisk, prepare instant pudding as label directs,
but use only 2 1/4 cups milk. Fold whipped-cream mixture, almond
extract, and grated chocolate into pudding.
7. Cover cake in bowl with two-thirds of pudding mixture.
8. Fold melted chocolate into remaining pudding mixture; use to fill center
of dessert.
9. Cover top of dessert with remaining cake triangles.
10. Cover bowl and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.
11. Meanwhile, in small saucepan over medium heat, cook chopped
almonds until golden, stirring frequently; cool.
12. In small bowl, with mixer at medium speed, beat remaining 3/4 cup
heavy or whipping cream with sugar and remaining 2 teaspoons instant
espresso-coffee powder until soft peaks form.
13. Unmold dessert onto chilled platter; discard plastic wrap. Frost dessert
with whipped-cream mixture; sprinkle toasted chopped almonds on top.

Substitution Suggestions
1. Use chocolate mocha-flavored powder instead of the espresso.
2. Sprinkle the top of the dessert with any of the following: chopped
walnuts, grated semisweet chocolate, powered sugar.
3. Chocolate cake and chocolate pudding for pound cake and vanilla
4. A mixture of 1/4 cup water and 1/4 tsp of almond extract can be used
instead of almond liqueur
By Suzy

When you crave caramel popcorn, reach for this buttery tasting treat with half the fat. What's the secret ingredient? Butter pecan pudding mix.
8 cups popcorn popped (about 1/3 to 1/2 cup unpopped)
spray coating Nonstick
1/2 cup pecans broken
2 tablespoons margarine or butter
1/3 cup corn syrup light
1/4 cup pudding mix instant butter pecan
3/4 teaspoon vanilla
Preparation Instructions:
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 16 minutes
Discard unpopped popcorn kernels. Spray a 17x12x2 inch roasting pan with nonstick coating. Place the popped corn and pecans in the pan. Keep popcorn warm in a 300° F oven while making coating.
In a small saucepan melt the margarine or butter. Remove saucepan from heat. Stir in the corn syrup, pudding mix, and vanilla. Pour syrup mixture over popcorn. With a large spoon, gently toss the popcorn with the syrup mixture to coat.
Bake popcorn, uncovered, in a 300Á oven for 16 minutes, stirring halfway through baking. Remove the pan from the oven. Turn mixture onto a large piece of foil. Cool popcorn completely. When cool, break into large pieces. Store leftover popcorn, tightly covered, in a cool, dry place for up to 1 week


This event will take place Febuary 11th-13th 2000. The location is Kissimmee Florida. This will be a three day event. Lots of fun is planned. Prizes for the contestants. If you'd like to be a contestant or just want to volunteer your help on this project email me. For more Pageant info Click Here


SEPT 25th, 1999

Lots of Fun is Planned!!



Starts at 8 P.M. Till ?????


This will be the First Sign Up for the Pageant & Bash

We Have Some Excitment in Store for you!!!

We WIll be Discussing Plans For the Hotel Dance in October

We will be Accepting Participants for the Excercise Video at this Event Also. This will be actually produced at a later event but the Instructor ( A BBW of Course) will be available to talk with about it.

If this one goes well Belly Dancing classes are planned with a Great BBW Instructor as well!!!

October 30th


Our First Outside Event



November 13th


Dec 4th



Major Plans in the Works !!!!!!!!


Dec 31st


Toast in the New Year With US

Febuary 11-13th 2000

MS BABE Bash & Pageant





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